5 Easy To Learn Divination Tools

elder futhark runes

Curious about divination? There are so many different methods of divination that it can feel overwhelming. That’s why I’ve made this list of 5 easy to learn (or just use) divination tools!

Keep reading to find out which one is right for you to start with, or just a new one to try!

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These divination tools also happen to be some of my favorites to use, and you can find more information about almost all of these by searching for them on this site!

Divination Defined

Let’s get the term divination defined to start off. What is divination?

It’s “the practice of determining the hidden significance or cause of events, sometimes foretelling the future, by various natural, psychological, and other techniques.” – Britannica.

This is why there are so many different divination tools – because it’s such a wide definition. And long ago, each community came up with their own forms of divination. Some may be very similar to one another, and others may have merged over time, but it can be deeply personal to a community.

These are some of the more common divination tools! Follow the links at the bottom of each section to learn more about each divination type. If there’s nothing on this site written about it, this will be a link to a different website that I think has good information.


pendulum on a piece of driftwood

Pendulums are by far my favorite divination tool. There’s just something about being able to ask a question and get a simple yes or no, but find out so much information you never thought you could know.

Pendulums are fairly simple, where you hold an object by the chain and watch the direction it moves, as a symbol of yes or no.

These can be used to learn about your past life, learn who your spirit guides are, or even learn about the future. You do have to be careful with what you ask, to ensure you aren’t getting either biased responses or having the wrong guides help you with your pendulum divination.

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Tarot/Oracle Cards

wheel of fortune tarot cards

Tarot is one of the most common divination tools that are often shown in movies or found in books, describing a psychic person. These are easily accessible, as many book stores will have a small section on tarot, and maybe even a Rider Waite tarot deck.

Any form of card divination, whether tarot, oracle, or Lenormand all work similarly, where you shuffle the cards and pull one to a few out and these cards will give insight to a situation.

my rune journal

Tarot can also be a form of looking into the near future, with ideas of how your life is going to feel over the next 6 months or so. This cannot give a definite idea of what’s going to happen, but can suggest if you keep on the path you’re on, what you will go through.

Most cards come with a guide book that will tell you what the definitions are, and will give a few tarot spreads to start with, making them easy to pick up and get started with!

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elder futhark runes

Runes have a few histories, but the more common ones to find today for divination are the Elder Futhark runes, which are an old Germanic alphabet that mostly follow Norse mythology.

Each rune is like a letter, but it also has a definition associated with it; and from that definition are a lot of meanings associated with it!

There are two different ways really to read runes. One is to use crystals, bone fragments, or pieces of wood that have the runes drawn on them. These are then scattered and read.

The other way runes can be read, is by throwing sticks, or bones and seeing what rune they most look like.

A fun thing with runes is that if you want, you can even make your own fairly easily. Or buy a specific set that really calls to you!

Runes are most similar to tarot divination, where you can either better understand what’s currently happening by reading the runes, or get a glimpse into what can happen in the near future.

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numbers and a notebook

Numerology is another really popular form of divination, but this one doesn’t really require anything. Basically you look for patterns in numbers.

These can come from changing letters to numbers, or using your birth date for your birth path number.

This can seem like one of the complicated divination practices, because it does require some math to be done, but can help you figure out your life path or how this year is going to go.

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I Ching

old looking coins

I Ching is an oracle book; one of the oldest oracle practices known. This practice can include using coins, sticks, or marbles and reading hexagrams. This divination method is another way to answer your questions, and is similar to tarot or runes where it tells you the feelings around the situation.

This, like the others on the list, may take some time to get used to how the answers relate in current context and figuring out what each answer means to you.

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Other Divination Tools

Other mentionable methods of divination can include scrying, using crystals, reading tea leaves, palm reading, sacred geometry, and so many others. No wonder it can seem overwhelming with so many different forms of divination tools!

The most important thing when starting with divination practices, is to just go with the one that sounds the most interesting to you. Start with that one and then maybe try branching out later on!

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