Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card

ace of pentacles tarot card

The Ace of Pentacles is a fairly simple card, depicting one pentacle. In the Rider Waite deck, the pentacle is being held out in the sky by a hand, appearing from a cloud. Most of the cards typically have nature surrounding the card as well.

I suggest, while looking at this card description, you have your tarot deck in front of you and decide for yourself if you agree with the feelings on this page or if the card represents something entirely different to you.

*The image at the top of the page does not depict all of the feelings represented by a specific tarot deck! You can find other tarot card meanings here!

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The Ace of Pentacles tarot card meaning. A simple description for the first card in this series.

A few words to describe the card:

New beginnings, material world, wealth is attainable

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles represents new beginnings, being the first card in this Minor Arcana series. Pentacles represents the element earth, which can be seen in this tarot card, by the pentacle being surrounded by nature. Typically, the pentacle is thought of to be money, but it’s not necessarily. It represents physical wealth, changing how looks to the individual person.

Having this pentacle appear in nature reminds us that what we’re seeking (material wise) is there, we just have to work for it and find it. It’s available to us if we search hard enough for it. Without work on our end, the pentacle will disappear as quickly as it arrived. So it’s up to us to get it. The coin is the most important aspect in this card, being front and center.

The Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning. A simple description of the card.

Still Confused?

Still confused about the meanings of the cards? A few tools that have been really helpful for me have been: practice, taking the time to look at each card, read books like Tarot: Learn How to Read and Interpret the Cards by Kim Arnold. Or try out tarot spreads! Try doing a simple reading every day. The Labyrinthos app is really helpful too. Or try some that I’ve created by looking here: Tarot Spreads.