Autumnal Equinox Rituals – How to Celebrate Fall

autumnal equinox ritual ideas to celebrate fall

The autumnal equinox is the antithesis of the spring equinox. The days are getting shorter, life is getting darker, leaves are changing, and animals are getting ready for winter. With the spring equinox, it was about expanding yourself, and growing. These autumnal equinox rituals will be a time to look within and self reflect. These fall rituals will include a time of reflection, releasing memories, and a tarot spread.

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Humans don’t necessarily hibernate, but it is still a time to go inwards, to have check inventory of what you’ve created in the last few months and continue working on them.

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ideas for the fall equinox, how to celebrate it and release what is no longer helpful to you, like a tree loses its leaves.

The First Autumnal Equinox Ritual: Reflection

Spring was about the sunlight and feeling the winds of change on your body. Instead of feeling external reactions on your body, I want you to look inside. Find a quiet place, and take inventory of your own body for about five minutes. Try to find a place where you won’t be interrupted. I would suggest doing this once the sun has gone out, and having a candle lit, or standing outside feeling the fall breeze on your skin.

Really focus as much energy as you can into this. This is a time to really look at yourself, and feel yourself.

  • Listen for your heartbeat. Try to hear any other sounds your body might be making. Is your stomach gurgling? Are any joints cracking?
  • Let your eyes sweep over your body. Try to do an inventory. Do you have any cuts or bruises? How does your skin look? Do you feel healthy?
  • Feel the clothing on your body. How do they feel? Are they soft and smooth, or do they irritate you? If you have any jewelry, how does the cool metal feel against your skin? Do you have any pain in your muscles or joints?
  • Taste – what’s the taste in your mouth like? Is it a remnants of whatever you ate last, or did you just brush your teeth?

Try to take it all in. Take an inventory of your body. Look inwards. If you notice anything uncomfortable, think on what you can do to remedy that.

Ritual 2 – Release Memories + Thoughts

autumnal equinox ritual 2 - release

This second autumnal equinox ritual is an idea of releasing memories that no longer serve you in the manner you hold onto them. Think about some memories that you cling on to that are not necessarily useful to keep so close to your heart. With this ritual, you will not entirely forget the memory, but it won’t take up as much space in your head and heart after this. This is a fairly easy method to release the feelings in a natural manner.

  • Find a leaf on the ground for each memory (a dry leaf is preferable). The trees are shedding these leaves as they are no longer helpful, and we can learn to shed the same way with unhelpful thoughts and memories
  • Take a pen and write on the leaf one memory that you feel is unhelpful for you to hold on to as closely as you have been. Or write a negative thought down. One that you need to release. Make sure to only write one idea on one leaf.
  • Finally, return the leaf to nature and bury it in among other leaves and dirt, so it can decay naturally.

My Example:

I couldn’t decide on something specific I wanted to release, so I let my runes decide for me. The five that landed upright were the runes to go on this. Instead of just drawing them on as they landed, I created a symbol with the runes. The runes that were chosen were Wunjo, Kenaz, Raidho, Berkana, and Othala (you can read about runes here). Essentially it’s saying that joy, or balance is shining a light on isolation/aloneness, and another section of inherited femininity or female heritage.

Ritual 3 – Reflection Journal Prompt

This is continuing on from the reflection period suggested earlier. Take a moment to think about what you felt. If you made goals, like in the spring equinox rituals, think about how you worked on those and how you feel now. Take a moment to think about how you feel. It doesn’t matter what the answer is, just write about what you are feeling.

Think about how spring and summer treated you. How you can take those feelings with you into this hibernation period. Write these thoughts down in free-form. Don’t overthink what is being put on the paper, just try to get as much out as you can.

Also think about what you can do for yourself during these darker months. It can be a time of difficulty, but try to think on things you can do for your self care and mental health. Write these ideas down so you can come to them if you are having a harder time.

Some people might think that it’s better to do a reflection prompt like this in the middle of winter, but I think it’s better before you go into the all of the dark days. If you do this now, you have an idea of how to better help yourself through the cold winter months. You can better help yourself with doing the reflection earlier in the year.

Ritual 4 – Tarot Spread

The final autumnal equinox ritual is a tarot spread. This tarot spread is fairly simple. Find the moon tarot card in your deck and take the 2 cards before, and the two cards after. Set them out as you see in the image below. Read more about the spread here: The Moon Reflection Tarot Spread.

autumnal equinox ritual - doing a moon reflection tarot spread

I hope you’ve enjoyed these autumnal equinox rituals and start off fall right with them! Let me know on Instagram @moonofgemini for what you think and how you celebrated the changing of seasons!

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Autumn equinox rituals including reflection, releasing, a journal prompt and tarot spread!