Berkana Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

berkana rune

Berkana is the female symbol. This rune represents the female reproductive system, whether literal or figurative.

Berkana translation: birch tree

Other spellings: Berkanan, Beroc

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Berkana is the rune for female fertility. Alongside this, the literal translation is the birch tree, which is also a symbol of rebirth.

Think about what you’ve been working towards creating. It’s near realization, where what you’ve been spending your time on comes to life.

Think of this rune as a symbol of something being created, whether that’s in the form of a new idea, or something you’ve been working on for a long time finally coming to life.

This is a positive rune, with the ideas that what you’ve been working on are finally coming to fruition.

berkana rune with meaning
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As state above, berkana relates to the birch tree. This has so many symbols it represents, including rebirth, and being a protective tree. These are all the symbols of this rune.

Relating To Other Runes

Seeing berkana near others can represent what the idea coming to life is. What is it you’ve been working towards? Or is something unexpected coming together to create what you’ve been hoping for?

Other Thoughts

This rune can also just be a literal meaning that you may be going through ailments relating to fertility. (I often get this rune presenting when I am going through PMS or am about to get my period).

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