The 8 Best Crystals For Manifesting Your Dreams

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There are times in our lives when we need a little help manifesting our goals and living the dream life. And what better way to enhance our manifestations than with crystals? These are 8 of the best crystals for manifesting

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Manifesting is the act of putting your goals and dreams out into the universe and to help make them happen. While some of manifesting is just to let your ideas be known and leave them be, it can be helpful to have reminders of what you’re working towards.

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And using crystals for manifestation is a great way to not only serve as small reminders of what you’re working towards, but also amplify your voice. So what are some of these good crystals for manifesting and how do you use them? Read on to find out!

How To Use Crystals For Manifesting

Before I get to which are the best crystals, let’s talk about how to use these crystals for manifesting! There are a few different ways to use these in the manifesting process, either with creating your manifestations, amplifying your ideas, or charge the crystals with the intentions and they can serve as a reminder of what you’re working towards.

Some crystals amplify energies around you, so it can be helpful if you’re writing down your dreams and goals to have those crystals near you. Some may also be good to have around just to make sure your intentions are clear and concise.

Another way to use the crystals for manifesting is to just have these crystals near you to help keep you focused on what you’re manifesting. If you’re trying to work towards wealth, maybe leave the crystal near your desk. Or if it’s self love you’re looking for, maybe near where you best take care of yourself. If you’re looking for healing, have the crystal next to you.

Or charge your crystals with the intention, once you’ve made a decision on what it is. This is best if it’s a set idea that you’re working towards. Create a crystal grid with the intention in mind. Or, choose to get the crystal in a wearable form (like a necklace or bracelet). Or just have the crystal near you to be set as a reminder.



Citrine is a great crystal to manifest with. This is a go to crystal for anything you want to manifest. It will boost your intentions and create a clear picture to the universe.

This is an energizing crystal, so it will boost any of your manifestations. This is a great crystal to use for any part of the manifestation process, as it will give life to your dreams.

Citrine is a powerful crystal, as it can protect you from negative energy and give you more energy.

Use this citrine crystal for manifesting health, emotional balance, or creativity.

*When looking at citrine, there are two kinds: Natural and baked amethyst. Try to go for natural citrine, rather than baked amethyst. Natural citrine is harder to come by, but it will likely be more effective.

Green Aventurine

green adventurine

Green aventurine (or sometimes spelled green adventurine) is one of the best crystals for manifesting when it comes to money and wealth. This goes for most green crystals as well.

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Working with a green crystal like aventurine is the best choice for anything to do with manifesting money or wealth in other forms.

While not only related to wealth, this crystal embodies optimism and positive energy, making this a great crystal for working towards a positive outlook in life.

This crystal is light green in character, and will be the same color throughout the crystal.



Amazonite is a beautiful blue-green crystal, and has soothing properties. Use this crystal to reduce anxiety. This crystal is known as the stone of hope, bringing the idea that better days are to come.

This matches its color, which can look like a stream in or springtime colors, representing warmer days filled with light.

These properties make this amazonite stone with it’s soothing energy a great choice for declaring better days are to come for you. Use this to manifest positive thinking and being kinder to yourself.

If other crystals seem too harsh of energies, amazonite might be the choice for you to work with.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz crystal

When trying to manifest love in your life, especially self love or unconditional love for yourself, rose quartz is the best crystal.

This quartz crystal is a light pink color and embodies love and is a soft and comforting feminine energy, so it can help you. This is also a healing stone, to help heal any emotional wounds you may have.

If you’re manifesting love in your life, regardless of the type of love, rose quartz is the right crystal for you. This is great for healing family bonds, creating new love, or bringing friendships closer together. Or it’s especially a great crystal for loving yourself.

Tiger’s Eye

tigers eye

Tiger’s eye is personally one of my favorite crystals to have. This is a crystal for manifesting personal power, as it’s one of finding inner strength and confidence.

While all of the crystals on this list can be worn, this is probably the best to wear (like in a bracelet), as it helps with protection. Protecting from people you don’t want to talk to, or negative energies coming your way. It can act as a barrier.

On a similar note, this can also help with manifesting courage. Helping you show yourself to you and the world as you are, and deflect the negative thoughts.

Tiger’s eye is associated with the root chakra, and helping you stay grounded.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz

Clear quartz is another great manifesting crystal. This crystal is as it’s name, is clear. It can come in a few different forms, whether just a plain clear quartz, a cluster, or crackle quartz. For manifesting, plain quartz or a cluster may work the best, especially to amplify your dreams.

The clear quartz crystal is a clarifying crystal, cutting through everything to get to the main point. This is the perfect crystal for gaining clarity and enhancing your own vibrations.

Quartz crystals are known for being used in Feng Shui to cleanse the negative energy from the home. This crystal is also related to the crown chakra, and will help you with clarity in your manifestations.

Black Obsidian


While black obsidian isn’t technically a crystal, it’s a very powerful stone and will help releasing negative vibrations. This can be from external forces or within yourself, keeping your negative thoughts at bay.

Obsidian is actually volcanic glass, made when lava cools down rapidly. The way this is formed enhances it’s properties of cutting through everything to get to the point.

This stone is also great for grounding yourself. Keeping you in reality when you’re head may try to be up in the clouds and you have to focus. If you’re trying to bring more stability into your life, this manifestation stone is probably a good choice.



While hematite and black obsidian might look similar, they have fairly different energies. Hematite is a solid crystal, and is made of iron. Rather than deflecting energy, it will absorb any negative energy around you. This creates a clearer, more positive energy field around you.

Hematite can also ground excess energy, making you able to focus on what’s important at hand. This will help you manifest your deepest desires and help find mental clarity.

This is a great stone with healing powers as well, as it’s associated with blood (because it’s mostly iron). Manifest physical health and protection with this crystal.

Other Crystals

A few crystals that are worth a mention for manifesting with include:

  • Amethyst – The amethyst crystal acts very similarly to rose quartz, giving off a warm, loving energy.
  • Green Jade – Jade is another wealth and money stone great for manifesting wealth into your life.
  • Green Quartz – This crystal is similar to aventurine in wealth manifestation.
  • Golden Topaz – Golden topaz is another great intention manifestation crystal. It also is a great crystal for healing energies.

Other Considerations

Before you use any crystals for manifesting, make sure your crystals have been cleansed! Especially if these are newly purchased crystals. Under the full moon is a really easy way to cleanse your crystals, or read here for other cleansing methods.

Also you don’t have to, but thinking about what part of the moon cycle you’re working in can be helpful for manifestation. The first quarter or full moon are probably the best time to be setting intentions.

Try to make sure that your crystals have been ethically sourced for ethical reasons, as well as better luck using the crystals.

And make sure to go with your gut on which crystal to use, rather than just picking one off this list! Your gut will know if it’s the best crystal for you to use or one to stay away from.

Time To Manifest!

Now that you’ve figured out which crystal to use, it’s time to manifest your dream life! If you’re stuck on what to work on, try this goals journal prompt to help you decide!

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