Can You Overuse a Pendulum?

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Can you overuse a pendulum? The short answer is: maybe. The long answer depends on your pendulum, you, your relationship with your pendulum, and the type of work you’re doing with your pendulum.

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Why Are You Asking?

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The pendulum in the story below

I think the biggest question for figuring out if you can overuse a pendulum is why are you asking this?

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I’ve had an experience where I wasn’t actually using my pendulum, but was sleeping with it under my pillow or having it in a pocket all day long. I was tossing and turning at night, could feel it pulsating all the time, and was having the weirdest dreams. It was exhausting.

So this wasn’t me overusing my pendulum, but I was too close to the energy of my pendulum. I knew I needed to separate myself from my pendulum and create boundaries.

My point being with that story is, if that sounds like you, then maybe you are using your pendulum too much! It can be important to set boundaries and limits on how you interact with your pendulum.

Nothing like why you’re asking? Keep reading for more thoughts on if you can use a pendulum too much!

Focus on the energy

So really the biggest aspect of the question: can you overuse a pendulum? Is to let the energy of yourself and your pendulum guide you on that answer.

Personally, I will ask my pendulum mundane questions about my everyday life all day long. But if I’m working on something like meeting my spiritual guide with a pendulum, I can only work with my pendulum for a short period of time. It also depends on which pendulum I’m working with!

If you’re feeling absolutely exhausted with your pendulum, it’s likely you’ve overused your pendulum. Put it away, and take a break from even being in the physical space with it.

What’s The Work You’re Doing?

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As I mentioned above, a big factor is the work you’re doing with your pendulum. For me, if I am working on meeting a spiritual guide, I will ask my pendulum if it’s optimal for me to know right now, before I get started. If it is, then I will ask questions. By the end, I still might feel exhausted.

(Read how to best ask your pendulum questions here.)

If my pendulum has stopped moving, then that’s another sign that this is not the time to be asking these questions. My pendulum not moving and the feeling of utter exhaustion after feeling filled with energy are my two main signs that I’ve reached the limit with my pendulum.

But I also love to have my pendulum for assistance on projects, and will have it next to me all day and just ask the occasional question about color or font to use or what I’ve written. And with that, I don’t ever feel the exhaustion. If my pendulum isn’t moving with these types of questions, it’s usually because I’m not asking the right pendulum (read how to interview your pendulum here!).

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It Depends on Your Pendulum!

Every pendulum will be different. You’ll react to each pendulum differently too. Some you’ll be able to be around all day long with no problems, and others will take their toll on you if they are left even in the same room without being protected by velvet or something.

4 pendulums next to each other

If your pendulum stops answering you and it was responding previously, it’s a likely sign either you’ve reached your pendulums limits, where this pendulum won’t be able to help you anymore on this topic, or right now, or this is not something you should be asking right now.

As I said earlier, there are some pendulums I can be around all day long, and some I can even wear to help with inspiration. Then there are other pendulums that I can only be around for a few hours, and then put it away.

This is a reason it’s so important to check in with your pendulum. If you’re in doubt, just ask! It may also change from day to day. Ask the simple question “all things considered, is it optimal for me to work with you [this pendulum] right now?” or “all things considered, is it okay for me to work with you [the pendulum] on all of these questions?” Then narrow it down to getting the optimal length of time to use your pendulum without wearing you or it out.

Sometimes I’m in a place where I would like assistance from my pendulum without having it out in public, so I’ll ask permission from my pendulum to keep it in my pocket for the next few hours. To assist me.

But again that’s an understanding I’ve gained from my pendulum by asking permission.

How Do You Feel?

The question of can you overuse a pendulum also really depends on you and how you feel! It may go back to the type of question you are asking, and which pendulum you’re using, but it also depends on you in the present moment. If you’re feeling tired and run down, you might be more susceptible to persusaive thoughts or energies coming from the pendulum.

That might make a case for using your pendulum less that day, only using it for a short period of time.

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On a day where you are awake and have (most) of your wits about you, then you might be able to do heavier work with your pendulum and feel less like it’s being overused and exhausting you!

The best answer I can give for you to the possibility of overusing a pendulum is that it is possible. Just keep an open dialogue with your pendulum about how much you can use it and after a while you should just have a decent feeling on how much you can use your pendulum!

Have any other questions? Find many topics answered here at Pendulums 101!

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