The 6 Best Crystals For Beginners

crystals for beginners

Crystals are amazing tools to use, whether you want to carry some around with you, make crystal grids, or just to have crystals. There aren’t really crystals that everyone should start with, but these are good crystals for beginners to add to your collection!

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One of the best ways to have crystals that will be the best for you is to just choose ones based on your feelings. To pick them based on how they feel for you. Which you can read about here, how to pick crystals for you!

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It’s also beneficial to have some specific crystals in your collection, as these are extremely useful, can be used often, and are fairly easy to start with, without being bombarded by strong energies. Looking for protection crystals instead? Read about those here!

Remember that these are only a suggestion. The best way to pick crystals is to go based on what feels right for you, so you get the crystals you need instead of what’s recommended (as crystals aren’t a one size fits all item!)

With that being said, here are 6 of the best crystals for beginners to have along with the crystals that are calling out to you!

Clear Quartz

small quartz cluster and tumbled quartz

Clear quartz is one of the best crystals to have, as it is beneficial with divination practices. It helps you cut through to see what’s really important, without feeling muddled in all of the information. This also allows you to have a closer connection with your spiritual guides.

Having clear quartz as one of your first crystals can be helpful in so many forms, in a quartz cluster, a polished clear quartz, or crackled quartz. They all follow the same ideas that it helps you connect to your higher self and raise the energy.

This is one of the best crystals for beginners, and is great for any collection of crystals. Especially to use with a tarot reading, or in a crystal grid, as it amplifies the collective energy.


Selenite is one of the few crystals that doesn’t need to be cleansed on a regular basis. This crystal is actually great because it cleanses objects for you. Get a large slab of selenite and use it as a charging plate to charge your other crystals. Or a selenite tower, or just a small piece of selenite to cleanse a few objects at a time.

This is a great crystal for beginners because it helps cleanse your other crystals, when you don’t have the full moon or the crystal you have can’t be subjected to other forms of cleansing.

Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz in bowl
Smoky Quartz Crystal Point from EarthsMineralsInc

Another quartz crystal, smoky quartz is one of my personal favorites. A greyish color giving it the name, smoky quartz helps neutralize negative energies.

If you leave smoky quartz out, you will want to cleanse it regularly (like monthly with the full moon) because it picks up so many of the negative energies.

That’s a main reason why smoky quartz is on this list of crystals for beginners. Because it rids the area of stress and negative energies that may be present.

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Amethyst is a good all-around crystal to have as well. This has a fairly mellow energy for a crystal and can help relieve stress. Use a flat amethyst crystal as a worry stone, to both keep your hands busy and to help reduce any stress that you might be feeling.

Amethyst can also come in beautiful geodes that will work well in any room, not only adding beauty, but also lower your levels of anxiety while in that room.

Not only can amethyst help with stress and possibly the perception of pain, but it is also connected to both your third eye chakra and crown chakra, helping with intuition in many situations.


obsidian heart and snowflake obsidian
Left: snowflake obsidian, right: obsidian

Obsidian and snowflake obsidian are great choices for beginner crystal users as well. Some people may feel the energy of obsidian is too strong for them, so snowflake obsidian is a good alternative.

The way to tell if you have obsidian while looking for them in a store is to put it up to the light and if you can see light shining through, it’s obsidian! That’s because this is “volcanic glass” that is formed when lava cools quickly.

That being said, that is why it can be too strong of an energy for some people.

The perks of owning obsidian or snowflake obsidian is that they are associated with ground energy, so they are good for balancing energies, purification, and can also assist with manifestation.

Use this crystal when doing fragile work, maybe with your pendulum or trying to reach out to guides to block any negative entities from entering your space.

Or just keep it near you to reduce negativities as well!


Carnelian is a red-orange crystal, and is a good protection crystal and energizer crystal. This crystal can feel like it has a lot of energy associated with it, or add energy to a room or the person holding it. Like a cup of coffee without the coffee.

Along with this energetic property, it’s also a crystal that can be used as protection. Keep it in your car to help from getting in accidents (while still being a safe driver), or have it on your person!

(Carnelian is a crystal that I am constantly drawn to. It’s one of the crystals I have the most of, because I’m so attracted to its energy)

Cleansing the Crystals

Half of the crystals on this list are quartz, which can be cleansed with water, running water is best for types of water (i.e. river, rain) but any will work. Or cleanse under the full moonlight! Here’s a more extensive post on how to cleanse your crystals.

The most important thing is to choose the crystals that speak to you! All of the ones on this list work really well with other crystal energies, which is partially why they are suggested, as they’ll work with many other crystals you may collect.

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