Discovering your Past Life with a Pendulum

discovering past lives with a pendulum

One of the many uses for a pendulum can be for discovering your past lives. This should be done with caution, and only when you are prepared to go on this venture. Along with your pendulum, you can also use a tarot spread to understand more about a past life with this method.

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You will likely have more than one past life to work with. It’s likely that you will not be able to know about all of them, and it might not be in your best interest to know about many of them.

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If you are new to working with pendulums, I highly suggest reading this article first, with an understanding of how to ask questions to your pendulum. Then come back to this page!

Before you Begin

Before you begin delving into your past life, there are a few important tips:

  1. ASK your pendulum if you are working with white light energies. If you are not working with energies from the white light, cleanse yourself, either with sage, or your pendulum, and then try again. Nothing good will come if you are surrounded by dark energies while poking around about past lives.
    • Ask your pendulum, “am I working with a guide from the white light?” or something similar before beginning the practice.
  2. ENSURE you are prepared to learn about your past life. Ask the pendulum the following questions:
    • “All things considered, is it optimal for me to learn about my past lives?”
    • “All things considered, is it optimal for me to learn about my past lives right now?”
    • If either of the answers are NO, do not continue for the day. Respect the decision and do something else.
  3. Prepare the space. Create a calm space where you won’t be interrupted during this session. Light some candles, and choose some crystals to aid you in this journey, and keep you safe from other entities that might try and enter the area.
  4. Get your journal or something to write the answers down on. If you’d like to add a tarot spread to this practice, find your tarot deck.
Discovering past lives with a pendulum. The safe way to explore your previous lives.
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How to Discover your Past Life

Here are some questions for how to discover your past life with a pendulum. Later on in this post, you can read how to use a Celtic Cross Tarot spread to aid in your understanding of your past life.

  • General Questions for Past Lives:
    • Ask how many past lives have you had. Try and get a number. You can ask questions like under 10, Over 30, until you reach a set and if you want more specific.
    • Ask how many past lives you can learn about right now. Or which past life you can learn about right now. Can you learn about your most recent past life, or a different one?
  • Specific to one past life questions for your pendulum
    • Were you living on Earth? If so, where on earth? If not, where did you live?
    • Were you human? What sex were you?
    • What was your name? Go through the alphabet to determine this.

Adding Tarot to this Pendulum Work

One positive for adding a tarot spread to this pendulum work for discovering a past life, is you can get a general feel of the entire past life. Whereas with just a pendulum, you can really only ask so many questions, and it takes a long time to get a big picture. Then enhance the tarot reading with a pendulum use, to have a better understanding.

I suggest using the Celtic Cross for understanding a single past life better. The Celtic Cross has typical meanings for each card, which you can read on Labrynthos. Below the meanings will be slightly transformed to make more sense with a past life reading.

Celtic cross past life tarot spread - to use with a pendulum as guidance/assistance, not to be used alone

This tarot spread is helpful for gaining an overall idea of a singular past life. For aspects you are not certain with what the spread is meaning, ask the pendulum for further guidance into what it’s telling you.


At the end of your practice, ensure that you treat yourself to some self care, and take a break from the pendulum, after thanking it. Try to not do anything rash with the information gained; just sit on it for a little while and see what more comes to you.

Remember to be safe with your practice, by setting guidelines and a set space. Once you leave the set space, the energies disappear.

I hope this has been helpful and informative! For other information on pendulums, look here. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on Instagram @moonofgemini!