Ehwaz Rune- Elder Futhark Meaning

ehwaz rune

Ehwaz is the rune of travel. This is a rune about making progress on your journey.

Ehwaz translation: Horse

Other spellings: Eoh, Ehwar

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Ehwaz represents a horse, with movement and travel. This is one about a steady journey happening where you are making progress.

The other meaning of this rune is loyalty and friendship, specifically between the horse and it’s rider. This is a special bond created, and the need to be faithful to your companion. Only with trusting each other will you be able to move forward in quick progress.

Combining these ideas, the only way you will make progress in your travels will be with trust and loyalty. Stay true to the ones who supported you, and you’ll make it to the destination safely and quickly.

Remember, working together you’ll go much further than trying to go in different directions. If you are working in a team, work together.

ehwaz rune with definition
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Ehwaz is the rune representing a horse. Horses were one of the most important discoveries/developments in human history, as they could carry weight we humans could not. It also allowed for an element of speed to be brought into the society, whether making it easier to travel, hunt animals, or plant seeds.

There was a special relationship between horses and humans, and with working as a team, things got done. All of this is what ehwaz represents. Swift progress if the forces are joined.

Relating To Other Runes

Think about how you can work with the energy of the other runes near this in a spread. Or are you actively pushing against those ideas?

This is the time to see what runes are near ehwaz and incorporate them into the project, or pay attention to that aspect in your journey, to be able to reach your destination/goal.

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