Eihwaz Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

eihwaz rune

The eihwaz rune is the protection rune, and represents the yew tree which is poisonous but was often planted as protection.

Eihwaz translation: Yew tree

Other spellings: Ihwaz, Iwaz, Yr

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Eihwaz, the 13th rune, is another in Hagal’s aett, and represents protection. While this rune does mean yew tree, which is a poisonous tree, is also a protector. This is a rune of protection, if you need some safety or things have been happening to you.

Another meaning this rune can have endurance, or something everlasting. Yew trees can grow for up to 3000 years, so they are stable and do not want to go anywhere.

This is not a rune symbolizing death, but rather protection for yourself and longevity. Although it does represent many of the same ideas as the death tarot card, which is mostly about change. Losing something to gain another.

eihwaz rune with definition
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The yew tree can be mistaken as a symbol of death, as it is poisonous, and can create new branches from low hanging branches. They were often found outside of churches, giving them this added connection.

But they also represent protection. Part of the reason they were grown outside of churches was to keep animals away from graves. The nettles are poisonous, so no animals would want to go near them creating a protection.

Relating To Other Runes

This is a good rune to use in a sigil if you need protection. Combine it with others to aid in your protection

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