Energy Tarot Spread – 3 Cards To Determine Energy Blockages

3 card energy tarot spread

Stagnant energy can be very damaging. Having positive energy flowing instead is really important for people, spaces, and objects! Use this simple 3 card energy tarot spread to determine where the energy blockages are, and how to release them!

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This tarot spread was originally created with the intention of using for Energy Cleansing a New Home, and can have a pendulum cleansing option at the end! But it will work for anything with weird energy around it.

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This post will start with the tarot spread, what to do after the tarot spread, and an example at the end.

Energy Tarot Spread

Shuffle your tarot deck, and choose 3 cards in whatever manner you prefer. (I usually use my pendulum which you can read about here!). Lay them out with the first and second card on the bottom, then the third above those two.

energy tarot spread - 3 cards (with description of cards also below)
  1. Where is the blockage at? Or how this blocked energy manifests itself.
  2. What is causing this energy blockage? What is the purpose of this energy obstruction?
  3. How can you release this energy? What’s a different energy to fill this space with instead?

What to do with these answers?

In my energy cleansing a new home, I suggest using a pendulum to clear the energy. To do a pendulum energy cleansing ritual. Focus on the cards in front of you, and think about releasing the energy from the bottom 2 cards, and allowing the energy from the third card to replace the energy leaving the space, or yourself.

The other suggestion is to journal about this. By writing things down, you are able to release. Whether this is for a location, or an object, or yourself, this can be a great way to release the energy you figured out from this energy tarot spread.

Start by writing out how you think these cards represent the energy, and why it might be there. Just expand on the questions! And then write about what you think it would look and feel like to have a different atmosphere.


In this example, I’m using my Fairy Tale Lenormand cards, trying to see if I can convert between the 2 cards types (I’m still not sure, but liked how it worked in this spread). If you want an example in tarot cards, you can find it in the new home post! (these are also in a different layout than the tarot spread, but have the same ideas associated with the image above.

In this case, the cards go top-bottom with the numbers. This is a spread about finding an energy blockage within myself.

6 fairy tale lenormand cards
  1. How the blocked energy manifests itself: 6 Clouds, 25 Ring – confusion about commitment, or lack of clarity around duty
  2. Purpose of this blocked energy: 34 Fish, 2 Clover – unburdened by finances
  3. How to release this energy: 10 Scythe, 9 Bouquet – a warning to take charge, to manifest

I hope you’ve found this useful! Interested in more tarot spreads? Find questions to ask your tarot cards here! If you try this and post it, tag me on Instagram @moonofgemini or #moonofgemini!

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Using 3 cards, find out if there's an energy blocked in yourself, in an object, or place!
It's important to have energies flowing. find out which ones are causing problems in your life with this tarot spread.
A simple tarot spread to discover basic information about blocked energies!