Pendulum Interview: Meet your Pendulum with a Tarot Spread

It’s important to know your pendulum, and a pendulum interview with a tarot spread is such a simple way to learn! Many people (myself included) have multiple pendulums, to use for different questions/periods in their life. It’s important because you want to ask the right questions.

You want to ask the most optimal pendulum the questions too. Otherwise the answers may not be as clear. I’ve created this tarot spread to interview your pendulum to have an understanding, like you might interview a tarot deck. This pendulum interview is originally based off of this oracle deck interview.

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This is specifically a tarot spread for your pendulum. I find it’s easier to gain big picture understanding with a tarot deck, rather than asking a million yes/no questions or having to create a pendulum chart (but saying that, if you don’t have a tarot deck, I have created a way to interview your pendulum with only your pendulum).

Although this is specifically for a pendulum, you can interchange the word “pendulum” for just about anything in this tarot spread! Use these ideas to interview a crystal, or even a new tarot deck.

Currently, 2 of my pendulums are in a crystal grid acting as energy for the spiritual protest for black lives matter. Which leaves me with one for the moment, that was recently purchased. That means it’s the perfect time for me to get to know this pendulum!

I’ll explain below how to do this tarot spread, and at the bottom, an example using my latest pendulum.

Getting to know your pendulum with a 7-card tarot spread
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Preparing your space

An important aspect to remember is to prepare the space and energy around you while doing a tarot spread or asking your pendulum questions. Create a clear space, and give yourself some time to work on this.

  • Set the mood – clear a space so you are not confronted by anything during this process, choose some crystals to aid in this process, perhaps light some candles or turn on music in the background.
  • Set your intentions and prepare your pendulum.
    • Start by asking your pendulum “show me yes; show me no,” ensuring it is calibrated.
    • Ask your pendulum “am I with a guide from the white light?” If the answer is no, clear your mind, cleanse the area with your pendulum or sage, and then ask again.
    • Then ask permission of your pendulum for this session. Ask “all things considered, is now an optimal time for me to learn about this pendulum?”
      • If the answer is yes, move forward.
      • If the answer is no, ask further: “all things considered, is it optimal for me to know this?” or “all things considered, is it optimal for me to know this right now?” if the answer to either of these are no, do not continue.
  • Choose your tarot deck (if you have multiple) to perform this interview.

Tarot Spread for the Pendulum Interview

tarot spread for pendulum interview

What each card means:

  1. Tell me about yourself – this is meant to be very general. An overview of the pendulum’s energy.
  2. What are your strengths as a pendulum? This is for what sort of questions and ideas you should be asking this pendulum.
  3. What are your weaknesses as a pendulum? What topics should I not be asking you about?
  4. What are you here to teach me? Some pendulums might give better insight into certain topics than others.
  5. How can I best collaborate with you? In what ways can we work together to create something powerful?
  6. What else do I need to know about you? Is there anything else to pay attention to or to note?
  7. What is the potential outcome of our relationship?

My Pendulum Interview

I recently purchased a new pendulum (also a necklace, but I really connected to it as a pendulum in the shop). So this is the perfect time to interview my pendulum using a tarot spread. This pendulum is a 6-point star (similar to Star of David) with a clear quartz sphere inside. For this spread, I am using my Triple Goddess tarot deck.

Set out, I have selenite and amythest on top, a green quartz heart on left, moonstone on right, and angelite at the bottom. To aid in interpreting the cards, I’m using the booklet that came with the deck, along with the book, Tarot: Learn to Read and Interpret the Cards by Kim Arnold.

My Spread

  1. Tell me about yourself: 2 of Swords. This card depicts a woman blindfolded next to the sea holding two swords across her chest. This pendulum is for tuning into my own tuition, making decisions based on intuition and internally, not allowing outside factors to play a part.
  2. Strengths: Ace of Swords. This card is a sword in midair, surrounded by sunlight and a green, blossoming pasture. This pendulum has the potential to have immense power. It’s strength is having clear vision and idea breakthroughs.
  3. Weaknesses: III, The Empress. The Empress is depicted as a very pregnant woman sitting on a throne in the middle of a forest, spotlighted by the sun. She also has a halo of butterflies around her head. This card represents as the weaknesses of the pendulum as an abundance of creative power, to be almost overbearing. There can be almost too much energy surrounding the pendulum.
  4. What are you here to teach me: 7 of Pentacles. In this card, a woman dressed all in white is picking fruit off of a pentacle tree, with her basket partially full. This card represents the pendulum teaching me that only with hard work can rewards be reaped. Also remember to only take what is needed, rather than excess.
  5. Collaboration: 6 of Swords. 6 of swords has 2 people in a boat, in nondescript as to whether they are entering or leaving the cave guarded by swords. With my pendulum, I must collaborate to working towards a brighter future, not keeping with past negativity. One must move forward and start new.
  6. What else I need to know about you: 5 of Swords. In this, a woman is victorious against her opponents, leaving a trail of swords in her wake. This pendulum requires me to know when to walk away from a bad situation, or on the flip side, that with victory can come consequences.
  7. Potential outcome of the relationship: 8 of Pentacles. A woman sits by the window working on a fabric, stitching to make something beautiful. With hard work and practicing, utilizing this pendulum, I can create something lasting and beautiful.
  8. Shadow card – this one is extra, it’s the card at the bottom of the deck. The shadow card gives a little extra insight into the reading. The Magician. The magician has orbs floating above her hands, is surrounded by a sword, cup, wand, and pentacle. She is the embodiment of trusting intuition and new ideas.

Overall Review

I bought this pendulum the day this blog was created. That day, I was in a crystal shop looking for inspiration for the name of this blog when I came across this necklace. I tested it in the store, to see what kind of energy was present, and had to buy it. Typically, while writing this blog, I’m wearing this necklace.

If I have an important question, I’ll take it off and use it as a pendulum. So the ideas depicted that there are a lot of “working for rewards” and using my intuition to be creative, that makes a lot of sense. I hope to continue this blog to be something magical, and that’s exactly what this pendulum is here for. This tarot spread is dominated by swords, which represent thoughts and ideas.

Interviewing your pendulum using a tarot spread
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I hope you’ve found this to be helpful with interviewing your pendulum! Tag me on Instagram @moonofgemini or #moonofgemini with your tarot spread!

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