Choosing Crystals for Every Occasion: What to think about when Purchasing Crystals

choosing crystals

Crystals are amazing tools to use for spiritual work. They can be left around the house, carried with you, or used with other practices. But how do you go about choosing crystals? The simple answer is that picking crystals is very personal. For the long answer and tips, keep reading!

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What I’ve learned on how to choose crystals is from what people in crystal shops have told me. The key is intuition: Without following your instinct, the crystals you purchase may not be the ones you actually needed. A pendulum is a really helpful tool to use when purchasing new items, because it can guide you towards the optimal crystal, and give you a simple yes/no answer to buying a specific crystal.

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One quick comment: Try and buy only ethically sourced crystals. You can ask before buying. The more you know about the crystal history, the better. It’s also better for the world to buy ethically sourced crystals.

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Shopping in Person for Crystals

Using intuition is the best key to choosing crystals for yourself. Follow your gaze at crystal shops, and see which ones appeal to you the most. If there’s a large quantity of the same type of crystal and you have the option, hold the individual crystals in your hand, and see if you feel anything. You could feel the crystal pulsing in your hand, or feel an emotion relating to the crystal.

If you have an idea of what type of crystal you want going into a store, don’t be set on buying it. This shop/moment might not be the ideal time to purchase the crystal. If searching for specific chakra crystals, try and go in only with the colors/intentions in mind, rather than specific crystals. If you go in with specific crystals in mind, you might miss out on the crystals that are actually the right ones for yourself.

If you have a pendulum, and would prefer your pendulum to aid in crystal choosing, bring it with you! Most shops will be more than happy to have you using your pendulum in the shop with picking crystals. (You might want to ask before using – then they will know you are using something brought from home and not pocketing something from the shop when you put the pendulum away).

Choosing crystals - finding the the right one for you - follow your intuition
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Choosing Crystals Online

If you’re unable to go to a crystal shop for any reason, another option is to buy crystals online. There are definitely better methods towards purchasing crystals online than others.

Some Etsy shops will post specific crystals online, and others will post that they have a large stock and you will get what they send you. I’d suggest purchasing specific crystals, because otherwise the crystal may be the incorrect one for you.

Another option is to go on Instagram. Live sales have become popular lately. A crystal shop will have a live story going around their crystal selection and telling you what each crystal is. During these, you type which crystal you’d like. Instagram lives are a good option for purchasing crystals, because you can see the specific crystal you’re purchasing.

You can use your intuition for finding the optimal crystals for yourself, and see how you will react when a specific crystal is mentioned. One seller I follow on Instagram is Apothecary of Crystals, and she does a weekly live sale with beautiful crystals.

picking a crystal is a personal experience, try to go in with an open mind
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I hope this has been helpful on choosing crystals! You can find more information on crystals and grids here. Or keep reading about the best crystals for manifestation. Let me know what crystals you’ve purchased by tagging me @moonofgemini or #moonofgemini on Instagram!