DIY: How To Make A Pendulum With Only 2 Items

how to make a pendulum: image of hanging homemade pendulums

Pendulums are one of my favorite divination tools to use, if not my favorite. I love them because they’re small, you can carry them with you everywhere, and it’s so easy to get quick answers! Answers from pendulums are decisive and very helpful for making decisions. There are a lot of options to buy, but it’s can be just as easy to make your own pendulum. This article will go over how to make a pendulum for yourself!

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There are so many reasons to make your own pendulum. You might not see any pendulums on the market that meet your eye, or you’re looking for something specific. Maybe you already have an idea of what you’d like your pendulum to be, and just want to make it!

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(If you are interested in buying a pendulum instead, be sure to read my page about how to choose the right one for you!)

A DIY pendulum can be either a temporary item that you only use once, or it can be a primary pendulum to ask questions! Each pendulum you have can be used for various questions and themes (so it’s not a bad idea to have multiple!)

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pendulums hanging
4 different pendulums (the rose quartz on far right is not homemade)

What is a Pendulum?

Before getting into how to make your own pendulum, it’s important to explain what a pendulum is. With there being two different answers to this question. Both are relevant!

First, a pendulum is a divination tool, that often channels your intuition. It can be used for divination purposes, receiving answers, meeting spiritual guides, even finding water lines, or connecting with your higher consciousness. It’s a tool to connect to more than ourselves. One of my favorite things about pendulums is being able to be more decisive in my actions.

The second answer to what a pendulum is is the literal sense. Essentially, a pendulum is an object with a point at the base, hanging on a chain. I’ll get more into this in the next section!

How to Make a Pendulum: What You Need

An Object

objects for a pendulum (crystals, keys)
objects to use for a pendulum L->R Hematite with metal on top, crystal wrapped in metal, citrine point (baked amethyst), old key

I’m being very vague about the “object” because it can be made of crystals, metal, wood, just about anything. It does need to have a point or a tip at the bottom, so it can literally point in directions for you to receive and easily understand the answers. The other aspect you need is that it can be connected to a chain somehow. Keys are a great example of a household object that works great for pendulums. They already have a hole at the top, and end in a point.

Choose this object by what you’re drawn to. One of my pendulums is made with a crystal I found at a shop that already had a piece of metal connected to it, so it was easy to connect to a chain. But, if you find a crystal or other object that you really like that doesn’t have a hole in the top, or can’t easily be drilled in (like if you’re making your own out of wood and could easily drill a hole into the top), there are a lot of ways to loop metal or string around the object to make it able to hang.

(Find downloadable, ad-free instructions for this here)

how to make a pendulum - crystal wrapped in string
citrine (baked amethyst) point wrapped in string to make a pendulum

(Here’s an easy video I followed on how to wrap a crystal with macramé string.)

my rune journal

Another option if you want to use a crystal for your pendulum, or have the option of changing the crystal out on your pendulum is to use a cage for the crystal. These are fairly inexpensive and then you have the option of easily changing out the crystal in the middle!

A Chain

how to make a pendulum; a crystal wrapped in metal connected to a bracelet chain
a bracelet chain works great for a pendulum

The other item you need for making a pendulum is something for the object to dangle off of. I’m calling this the chain, but it’s another term being used interchangeably for the other item you need in this: how to make a pendulum. For your DIY pendulum, you don’t need a metal chain. Just something that it can be hung off of. Some string, or waxed cord will work just as well. One of my pendulums (that I did not make) uses an antique chain from something like a pocket watch, or bracelet. You can always add more crystals, or crystal beads on the chain if you have them, to make it even more special.

Typically, I use waxed cord because I have a ton around the house, so it’s easier for me. You can make the chain whatever length you’d like, but I would recommend under 8inches (20cm). Any longer than that and you’ll have to hold the pendulum up very high.

A way to figure out the length you’d like your pendulum chain to be is to hold your dominant hand over your nondominant hand, pretending to hold the pendulum, and just see what length feels comfortable. Then subtract the length of the object you’re using. If using string or cord, add a little to the length because it’s easier hold the pendulum chain at the knot, rather than at the end of the string.

How to Make A Pendulum: Connecting the Pieces

For making your DIY Pendulum, now you have to connect the pieces! Connect the chain to the object. This can either be done by a loop of string, or if you’re making one with a metal chain, you can buy a pendant bail to connect the pieces.

If you’re using a string as the chain in the pendulum, the simple way to do it is have double the length of string you need, put it through however you’re connecting the object, and tie a knot at the end of the string to hold it together. You can also tie another simple knot at the base, closer to the crystal or object to keep it from moving around too much on the string!

Using Your Pendulum

That’s really all it takes to make your own pendulum – connecting an object that has a point on it to a chain of some sorts! Now that you have a pendulum made, the next step is to CLEANSE it! This is really important to cleanse the pendulum to rid it of any unwanted energies before use, because you don’t really know what energies the objects could have picked up. This can be done by even using your brand new pendulum, or letting it sit in moonlight (or some other ideas on cleansing here).

Next, you want to get to know your pendulum! Ask it to show you what “yes,” and “no” look like, and ask for it to demonstrate that with some basic questions (like is my hair blue? is it snowing outside?). These are some other basic ideas on how to ask your pendulum questions and getting started with it! This just gets you to see how your pendulum swings.

Finally, use your pendulum for answering questions! (Here’s an easy list of topics to ask your pendulum about). You can also interview your pendulum, either with only your pendulum, a chart, or with tarot cards. Interviewing your pendulum is great to understand it’s strengths and weaknesses, and figure out which pendulum is the best to use for various circumstances! Have fun, and be safe!

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it's easy to make your own pendulum - all you need is an object with a point and a chain!
Making your own pendulum doesn't have to be difficult, and you can make it with objects you already have.