How To Program a Pendulum: Using Your Pendulum For More Than Yes And No

learn how to program your pendulum

Something that’s shown up in my Pinterest comments recently is “can your pendulum answer questions with anything other than yes and no?” The answer is YES! You just have to program it. So how to program a pendulum? It’s super easy and takes less than 2 minutes.

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Pendulums are a great divination tool for so many different reasons, as they can give you answers quickly and decisively. This article will not go over how to use a pendulum. It’s purely how to program your pendulum and why you might want to program it!

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Pendulums can also point to objects rather than give you a yes/no, which is discussed in other posts (like using your pendulum with tarot readings!)

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Why You Might Want to Program your Pendulum

There are a few different reasons you might want to program a pendulum. Some people even just program to teach it yes and no, rather than asking their pendulum to initially show them what direction their pendulum wants to move for each!

One of the biggest reasons you might want to program your pendulum is to get quick answers that don’t have anything to do with yes and no, and you still only have 2 or 3 (max 5) options to go between. There are some examples in posts already! Like using your pendulum to check your chakras or do food testing.

Programming your pendulum is temporary! So it’s a great tool if you have an either/or question or have a few (up to 4 options) for answers!

You can pick between movies to watch this way, food to eat, plants to buy, deciding on an order/time, almost anything!

What About Pendulum Charts?

Pendulum charts are another great way to get answers other than just yes and no from a pendulum! It is different from both asking your pendulum to answer with yes/no and programming, as you want the pendulum to swing in the direction of the correct answer. This way you can ask questions with broader answers. This is a good option for some questions!

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How To Program A Pendulum

So how to program a pendulum? It’s really simple!

First, decide what you’d like your pendulum to be programmed for. Decide what each direction will mean. (You can have up to 4 [5*] different answers! Side to side, up and down, clockwise, and counterclockwise) *5 if you want to use no movement as a definitive answer.

Pendulum directions (clockwise, side to side, still, up and down, counterclockwise)

(It’s probably a good idea to write down in your notebook or a piece of paper what each one means so there’s no confusion.)

Then, take your pendulum. Hold it as you would normally, over the palm of your opposite hand. Move the pendulum in one direction. And state what that direction means (either out loud or in your head). Then ask your pendulum to demonstrate what you just asked. “show me _____” It should move in the direction you just programmed it for!

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Remember, programming a pendulum is usually temporary! If you decide to use these again, check with your pendulum to see if it remembers or if you need to reprogram it.

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Here’s an example for how to program a pendulum from using a pendulum for food testing if that was confusing! If I want to test and see how food is going act with my body, I’ll set the answers as “beneficial, detrimental, and neutral”

I would hold my pendulum and swing it clockwise. Stating “this is beneficial.” Then ask my pendulum to show me what “beneficial” looks like. It should swing clockwise.

Then swing the pendulum counterclockwise and say “this is detrimental.” I would again ask my pendulum to show me what “detrimental” looks like. It will swing counterclockwise!

Finally, I want something in the middle, so I hold the pendulum still and state “this is neutral.” Finally, I ask my pendulum what “neutral” is and it should not move at all!

apatite and sodalite with pendulum in the middle

Another example is if I want to choose between 2 items, like if I’m debating on a crystal to use? I’ll set the pendulum to swing one direction for sodalite, and a different direction for apatite. The direction it swings is the crystal I use!

That’s it! It’s that simple to have your pendulum answer with questions other than yes and no!

I hope this has been helpful to you! If you have more questions, feel free to reach out on Instagram @moonofgemini!

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Learn how to program your pendulum! Ever wondered if you can have your pendulum answer questions not with yes/no? You can!
It takes less than 2 minutes to program your pendulum to give answers other than yes/no. It's simple!
Did you know your pendulum could answer with words other than yes and no? It's really simple, temporary, and takes less than 2 minutes!