Interview Your Pendulum With Your Pendulum

interview your pendulum with a pendulum

Do you want to get to know your pendulum better? And don’t wish to use tarot or oracle cards to interview your pendulum? I understand. And because of that, I’ve created this awesome pendulum interview questionnaire to get to know your pendulum, and all you need is your pendulum and a few words to ask about! There are a few ways to do this, and I’ll explain more further below.

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I am a huge fan of my pendulum; in fact I use multiple times every day. But sometimes it’s difficult to get answers for bigger picture ideas that require more than a yes/no, which is why most pendulum interviews (including my own – find it here) require tarot cards, or something else that can give you a bigger picture.

moon of gemini pendulum chart ad

I came up with a list of words to ask your pendulum about, to try to recreate the ideas of some tarot cards and runes so you don’t have to use them!

Interviewing your pendulum is a great way to know how your pendulum is here to help you. It’s also great if you have multiple pendulums so you can ask the right pendulum your question to get the best possible answer. (If you want a condensed version of this post, you can get it here!)

Let’s get into this. First, I’ll explain the questions to ask, then the words to ask for each question, and why those words/how to translate them into a concept, and finally an example if you are confused!

Pendulum Beginner?

If you’re brand new to using a pendulum, I would suggest reading the following articles about your pendulum before you interview your pendulum.

The Questions for your Pendulum Interview

These questions you’ll ask your pendulum are almost the exact same as the ones in my tarot interview. The main difference is how the answers are found!

Before you begin, as always, start by asking your pendulum “all things considered, is it optimal for me to do this interview right now?” If the answer is no, come back to this later! If the answer is yes, you’re in the clear and keep reading.

  1. Tell me about yourself. This is an overall question, to get the feeling of your pendulum, to get a general idea of why it’s in your life.
  2. What is your main strength? This question is important for understanding the type of questions you should ask your pendulum; the ones this pendulum will be best at answering you for.
  3. What is your main weakness? Once you know it’s weakness, you can avoid asking this pendulum about these topics.
  4. What are you here to teach me? Why is this pendulum great for you to work with?
  5. How can I best work with you? What do I need to do, or what atmosphere should I create for the best circumstances when using this pendulum?
  6. What else do I need to know about you? Is there anything really important this pendulum needs you to know about it?
  7. What is the potential outcome of our relationship? What will happen with us working together?
pendulum and pendulum chart to interview your pendulum with!
Pendulum & chart for the interview

The Words to Use to Interview your Pendulum

Now you have the questions, what next? There are 3 “categories” you’ll be asking about for each question for your pendulum. The “primary words,” “elements,” and “numbers.” The primary words and elements correspond with some ideas in tarot and runes. The numbers give you the intensity level of that idea. (this will make more sense in a minute!)

The end goal (before analyzing) is to have a question and answer like this – Q: “what are you here to teach me?” A: “ambition, air, 6.”

You can get answers in one of three ways from your pendulum:

  1. Ask your pendulum something along the lines of “for tell me about yourself, is ______ the best word to describe you?” and continue until you have a yes for each primary word, element, and number.
  2. Use a pendulum chart (I’ve created one you can find here for $4.70!), hold the pendulum over the center, and ask which word describes your pendulum’s answer to the question.
  3. Write out the words on a sheet of paper and ask your pendulum to hover over the word for each answer. You might need a confirmation ask “Is this the optimal word” if the words are in a row.

To interview your pendulum, start by asking your pendulum for each question which of the following words it most identifies with. Before going on to the next question in the interview, ask about which element and number it corresponds to. Then start back here with the next question. Don’t forget to write your information down!

The Primary Words

pendulum interview words - ambition, balance, disrupt, flow, motivate, progress, protect, solitary

These primary words to interview your pendulum with are the base words. These are the foundation of the concept you’re creating for the answer to each question.

my rune journal

  • Ambition is about figuring out what inspires you, and what the path is to get you there. This is about trying to get what you want, sometimes at no matter the cost.
  • Balance is about the middle ground. About finding the place where things line up to create harmony in your life and figuring out how to get there.
  • Disrupt is about breaking the status quo. It’s about major changes coming, shattering what you think you know to create the space for something new.
  • Flow is about helping you get where you want or need to go. It’s about keeping from getting stuck and figuring out how to move forward.
  • Motivate is about figuring out how to move towards your goals, seeing and following the path, and recognizing what you’ve been able to accomplish.
  • Progress is about forward momentum, getting things done quickly and without hesitation.
  • Protect is about taking care of yourself. This is about getting away from anything that can hurt you.
  • Solitary is about having one main path you can go on. It’s about not really having any options, it’s been narrowed down for you.

The Elements

earth air fire water elements

These elements are the same as you’ve probably seen elsewhere. They do relate to the tarot cards as well. This is a great chart about the elements to look at while analyzing what it means. I also looked at my tarot book, Tarot, by Kim Arnold, while coming up with the ideas below about the element meanings.

  • Earth can represent grounding, foundation, financials, strength, material, nature, and the minor arcana of pentacles.
  • Air can represent knowledge, wisdom, thought, intuition, conflict, ideas, and the minor arcana of swords.
  • Fire can represent energy, creation, ambition, passion, change, work, and the minor arcana of wands.
  • Water can represent the unconscious, reflection, emotion, feelings, love, family, and the minor arcana of cups.

The Numbers

interview your pendulum with the numbers 0123456789

The numbers as said earlier, represent the intensity of the answer for each question. It would make sense to have a low number for the weakness question, and a high number for strengths.

Analyzing your Pendulum Interview

Now you get to put everything together! I think it’ll be easier to understand with an example.

If your pendulum for the question “what else do I need to know about you,” and the answer is “balance fire 2,” means that this pendulum is weak with balancing creations and ambitions. So I would not want to use this pendulum for questions about balancing work and passion.

My Example

Here’s my example of my pendulum interview with my rose quartz pendulum (if you want this form to fill out yourself and the pendulum chart, you can find that here!)

Additional Ideas

These are just a few additional thoughts and ideas I have about how to interview your pendulum!

If you want more information about your pendulum, you can always ask about multiple strengths and weaknesses. Then the numbers will give you an idea what order the strengths and weaknesses go in as well as the intensity of the answer!

I really hope this is helpful for you. If you loved this, or have more ideas, get in touch on Instagram @moonofgemini!

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