Isa Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

isa rune

Hagal’s Aett is one of struggle, and hard times, and often relating to water in some form. So next in this rune series is Isa, the rune of ice.

Isa translation: Ice

Other spellings: Is, Eis, Isaz

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The isa rune is, as it sort of sounds, is the rune of ice. Of stagnation. Things have stalled and are no longer moving forward. There may be a reason things are not moving forward, and it’s important to look at what is happening.

Think about ice; it slows everything down, but can also be deadly. Be ware when near ice as to how solid it is, or if there’s black ice lurking around. Take your time and don’t rush. Ice can be powerful and strong, but also dangerous to the unsuspecting person.

Isa rune can also symbolize control. But maybe too much control is being forced. As ice stops the flow of water in rivers, isa can represent that much power being held back. If this is the situation, try to release some of that tension and allow movement to occur again.

Isa rune with definition
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The isa rune, as said before, means ice. This is the stopping of water flowing, of cold and often unyielding power.

Relating To Other Runes

If combined with the runes laguz or hagalaz, this rune can be especially powerful. If it’s near laguz, it is even more a representation of stagnation. Of something that should be flowing but isn’t.

With hagalaz, look out for the storm that is coming your way, as not only will it be out of your control, but can also be dangerous.

With other runes, it can represent what part of your life feels stuck.

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