Jera Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

jera rune

Jera is an important rune in the series. This about marks the halfway point of the runes, and means change, and cycles. This is also the rune equivalent to the yin/yang symbol, with opposites coming together to make one whole thing.

Jera translation: year, harvest

Other spellings: Jer, Yer, Jara

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The jera rune means cycles. It sounds very similar to the word year, and represents the changing of seasons. Life goes in cycles, and there are different jobs for each time of the year that have to get done.

This rune can also represent harvest season; taking everything you’ve worked on and finally harvesting it all. All of your hard work and dedication is finally ready. This is a positive rune, as you’re nearing completion of this cycle, and are at the comfortable stage of contentment.

But remember that you can only harvest what you have sown, so make sure to do the work. Things won’t come to you if you haven’t done anything to get them. You must work hard to reap these rewards.

Another meaning for the rune jera is opposites coming together. Like the yin & yang symbol, this can represent complementary forces coming together.

jera rune
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Jera is the 12th rune, and this even more so represents the year with the 12 months. This is the rune of cycles and transitions, and reaping the rewards for what you’ve done.

Think of this as the late summer rune, where you’ve still got all of winter to go through, but hopefully you’ll have all of your crop to live off of.

Relating To Other Runes

Having the jera rune near others can represent what you’ve been working on, or in what shape it may appear.

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