Justice Tarot Card Meaning

justice tarot card - 4 scales in a square

The justice tarot card is one about balance in life, and truth. Use your intuition and logic to right the world around you, rather than going based on emotions when you see this card.

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Definition of The Justice Tarot Card

justice tarot card with definition

Simple Upright Meaning

balance, truth, logic and intuition

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A Full Explanation

The justice tarot card imagery typically depicts a person holding scales in one hand, and a sword in the other. This imagery is to represent maintaining balance while also having the authority to change things if there is no balance, or to keep rule over these laws.

These two items also represents logic and intuition. So take both what you feel and what seems to make sense into consideration before making any decisions.

This is a card of blind judgement. The goal is to be unbiased, but that unbias can only be seen in the eyes of the judge. You may feel that something is unfair, or something was not equal.

When you see this card in a reading, think about if your life is balanced. If you feel centered and stable. Think about what you may be focusing on too much, while also ignoring other aspects of your life. Does there seem to be a balance, or are you spending too much time elsewhere?

This card can also appear if you’re doing dealings with other people. Justice is reminding you to check everything over again and ensure nothing is amiss. Expect for truth to make itself known. There may have been external justice to work through, or you could be feeling unbalanced, and this is a reminder to right yourself.

In my tarot deck, Healing Light Tarot, there are also cogs all around the image of the card. This represents that the only way to keep life moving is to keep the scales even, and it is almost a mechanical way of maintaining balance. It’s also the idea to make these opinions with no emotions controlling, but as a machine would based only on logic.

This is not a card for emotions to be added, but rather to just focus on what you know to be true. Try to make decisions without emotion, to right the scales and cause them to have an equal distribution again.

My Design

justice tarot card (4 scales)

In most tarot card decks, like Triple Goddess Tarot or Rider Waite, the image is of a person holding even scales and a sword to represent justice. In the image I’ve created, the scales are not balanced. There is also no sword.

The idea with the uneven scales is that there are 4, so they can all balance themselves out, but it’s not always an even fight for justice. Work to right the balance, whether that is in yourself, or externally, or in different aspects of your life.

Other Thoughts

The justice tarot card has been associated with the Black Lives Matter movement, with one of the chants “no justice, no peace.” There seems to be an injustice in the USA and around the world, where the scales aren’t balanced, and swift action is often used before balance is decided. This also goes with the idea justice is in the eye of the person holding the scales.

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