Knight of Cups Tarot Card

knight of cups tarot card

The knight of cups tarot card is a card that represents dreams and sweep you off your feet ideas of romance.

I suggest, while looking at this card description, you have your tarot deck in front of you and decide for yourself if you agree with the feelings on this page or if the card represents something entirely different to you.

*The image at the top of the page does not depict all of the feelings represented by a specific tarot deck! You can find other tarot card meanings here!

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knight of cups

A few words to describe the card:

Letting your heart lead, love, dreams, and art

Knight of Cups

The knight of cups tarot card is the knight in shining armor. This is the card where water and air meet, which can create artistic ideas and dreamers.

The imagery typically depicted on this card is a knight holding a cup in front of him while on horseback and in full armor. Often the horse has one front hoof up.

The character in this card is leading with the cup, or the cup is leading them. Their emotions are laid out on the table, and they are leading with these emotions.

This is probably the most romantic of the knight cards. Rather than going off to battle, they are going off with their heart to find a special person.

This cups card can represent a romantic, someone who believes in the idea of knights in shining armor sweeping them up. It can also represent love at first sight, and a major emotional rush.

Keep in mind sometimes the expectations that come with loving the idea of love aren’t always realistic.

This card rather than representing a new love interest, can also represent dreams and lofty ideas. If this seems to fit more in with your tarot spread, seek out guidance from something or someone who can help ground these ideas to make them a reality that will succeed.

knight of cups tarot card with definition

Still Confused?

Still confused about the meanings of the cards? A few tools that have been really helpful for me have been: practice, taking the time to look at each card, read books like Tarot: Learn How to Read and Interpret the Cards by Kim Arnold. Or try out tarot spreads! Try doing a simple reading every day. The Labyrinthos app is really helpful too. Or try some that I’ve created by looking here: Tarot Spreads.