Laguz Rune- Elder Futhark Meaning

laguz rune

Laguz is the rune representing water, and the movement of that water. This can also represent emotions and a female figure in your life.

Laguz translation: water

Other spellings: lagu, lagus

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Laguz is the rune of water. This rune symbolizes going with the flow, and just allowing yourself to see where the flow takes you.

It’s very difficult to go against the waves of the water, and you’ll end up just back where you started if you fight the direction of movement.

Or if you’re rigid in your ways and ideas, laguz is reminding you to let go and be fluid at this moment in time. You cannot control everything, and you should not be able to. Release yourself from this idea, and accept the changes around you.

Along with going with the flow, this rune symbolizes following your intuition. Listen to your intuition on what to do, rather than fighting it.

This is also a female symbol, as water is often thought of as female, and in that can represent the querent if they are female, or a female figure in the querent’s life. Look to them for guidance if you need it.

laguz rune with definition
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Water is a cleansing energy, so this rune can symbolize negativities being washed away. Maybe think about anything you’ve been holding on to for too long, and the need to release them. Tears are a way to cleanse the soul, which is just one way water is constantly cleansing us.

Relating To Other Runes

Are you trying to control other aspects of life that are seen in this rune spread? Laguz could be telling you to let go and release it. Accept you cannot control what you’re seeing on the runes.

If you stop trying to control the runes around this one, you will be able to move with them, rather than be dragged under the waves, feeling like you’re drowning.

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