Mannaz Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

mannaz rune

Mannaz is the rune for humanity. This is not to be confused with ehwaz, which looks very similar (the M shape), and can be identified by the X that goes through the shape.

Mannaz translation: Man, Mankind

Other spellings: Mannar, Madhr, Madr

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Mannaz is the rune where the word “man” comes from. Think of this rune as the one regarding humankind. Or humanity. This rune can either represent people as a whole, or you specifically.

This rune reminds us that everything is connected, whether purely within ourselves, or that everyone is connected to each other.

You may be feeling at odds with the rest of the world when this rune appears. It may feel you against them, but remember that connection. That we are all in this together.

Alternatively, this is the rune of the mind. Of our consciousness, and of making decisions and being able to have a memory. Think about the collective unconscious, and how we may already have some basic understandings from birth.

mannaz rune with definition
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This rune is about humankind, and of humanity. Think about how things progress when there’s cooperation for the collective good. Humans are all connected.

Relating To Other Runes

Think about the forces behind the other runes that are near mannaz in a spread. Is there one that seems to be blocking you from growth? Or ones that could suggest something is happening with humanity?

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