Meeting your Spiritual Guide using a Pendulum

"learning about spiritual guides with a pendulum" pendulum with wings image

Have you ever wondered if you have spiritual guides? The answer: you probably do, and likely have multiple! They have different names too – guides, angels, messenger, spirit… I will primarily be calling them a “guide” in this article, because that’s how I view them.

This is a simple method for meeting your spiritual guides using a pendulum. It can be used in conjunction of other practices as well; I’ll give a tarot spread that can be used along with this pendulum practice for your assistance.

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Before beginning – ensure you are comfortable with using a pendulum. If you’re brand new to using one, I suggest reading this article first: Asking your Pendulum Questions.

One quick thing to note – you may have many guides; it’s best to narrow down to a few. Request answers for primary spiritual guides, and ones coming from the white light. You may have spirits from a dark place that try and sway you.

This will go through finding how many primary guides you have, what their names are, and hopefully information on how they can help you live your life to the best it can be. At the bottom will be an example of me going through this process if you are confused!

how to use your pendulum to meet your spiritual guides/angels
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Before you begin

Setup the space to create the optimal energy. Make sure you are in an area where there will be no interruptions. Light some candles or incense, possibly set out crystals, and perhaps have soft music playing in the background. Have your pendulum at the ready. Find your journal and a pen. If you’d like to do the tarot spread along with this, find your tarot deck. Having a pendulum chart with letters on it is helpful, but not necessary. There are also apps you can download on your phone if you’d prefer (or just search pendulum chart on google to find ones like this).

ASK your pendulum if you are working with white light. If you are not working in white light, cleanse yourself, with sage or your pendulum, and try again. You need to be certain you are working in white light and that is surrounding you for this to be a positive experience.

ENSURE you are prepared to learn about these guides. Ask the pendulum the following questions before going any further: “All things considered, is it optimal for me to learn about my spiritual guides?” “All things considered, is it optimal for me to learn about my guides right now?” If either answer is NO, do not continue for the day. Respect the decision and do something else. You can always ask if it’ll be optimal to ask in a few days, or weeks as well.

questions to ask your pendulum about your spiritual guides
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Getting to know your guides

You’ve got your pendulum, are in a comfortable space, and have permission to ask about the guides. Now you can get started learning about your guides! Try to write down the answer to each of these questions so there is no confusion later on.

A good starting point is to ask how many primary spiritual guides you have in the white light. Either using a chart or count out the numbers (do I have 1, 2, 3, until you’ve found how many you have).

Guide Names

  • Next learn their names if you’re allowed to “am I allowed to know the names of guide 1, of guide 2…?” “Which can I learn about right now? Guide 1, 2?”
  • Focusing on a specific one ask, “how many letters are in the name? Under 10? Over 10?” then become more specific, asking how many letters there are specifically.
  • Ask about the letters in the name. If you’re using a pendulum chart, have the pendulum point to the specific letters. If there is a question about which letter it’s pointing to, ask “is the letter _?” for clarification. (I have an inexpensive PDF for sale here with with numbers and letters)
    • If you’re not using a pendulum chart, ask “is the first letter a, b, c, d, e, f…” The pendulum will swing “no” until the correct letter has been landed upon. Start over from the beginning of the alphabet until all of the letters are identified. You can also split the alphabet up and instead ask “is the first letter of the name between A-M? N-Z?” Then move into specifics.
    • These should be in order of how the name is spelled, but you could always ask to double check “all things considered, are these letters in the correct order?”
  • If the guide has a particularly long name, ask for a nickname for the guide, one that’s easier to probably pronounce and remember.

Continue the same questions about each guide you have permission to learn about during each session.

using your pendulum to learn the names and aspects of your spiritual guides/angels
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Learning more about your guide with a pendulum

Now are some other questions to ask your pendulum regarding your guide. First, ask if you are allowed to learn more about each guide at this time. It might be better to ask about one guide during this session, and another at a later time.

Try to use your intuition on what sort of question to ask. Sometimes something might pop into your head unexpectedly. Those are the questions to ask!

my rune journal

These are just some questions you can ask about your guide using a pendulum

  • About their appearance
  • About their sex/energy – female/feminine energy, male/masculine energy, androgynous, or not any of the above
  • If they appear as human, animal, mammal, insect, and more specifics -this is a narrowing down method until you can ask more specific types of animals

Other ways to learn about your guides

I remember reading this somewhere but don’t recall where, but someone suggested to google the names of the guides and see what comes up. They may be some well known deity, or may be not as common. But it won’t hurt to look.

There is some information that might be easier to learn with a tool like tarot, for the underlying message the guide is there to help you with. I’ve included the general information of this tarot spread, but for more detail you can read the entire post here: Tarot Spread for Discovering Spiritual Guides. I’ve used my runes to discover more information about my guides as well.

tarot spread for learning more about spiritual guides and angels

Example for discovering your guide with a pendulum

I already knew the names of 2 of my spiritual guides prior to this example. This is an example of a new guide I’ve learned with a pendulum about while writing this post.

What I learned from using my pendulum about my guides:

  • How many guides from white light I have – 5
  • Learning about a new one today:
    • This guide has 5 letters in it’s name
    • The letters are: N I R Y Z
    • The energy from this guide is neither primarily feminine or masculine, but androgynous
    • It is an animal
    • This guide’s shape is of a phoenix
    • Should not do a tarot spread for this guide, but I can learn about it using runes, by picking a handful of runes

Runic understanding of NIRYZ

My intention was to have the runes use the same questions and spacing as the tarot spread set above. I started by picking a handful of runes, and then rolled them (these are the similar to the runes I use). Many landed face-up, and I asked my pendulum for permission to narrow it down. I took all of the ones face-down out, and rolled the face-up again. This time I was left with 4. Sowilo, Othala, Raidho, and Isa. You can read more about general rune meanings here if you’re curious!.

Rather than having 3 tarot cards, I ended up with 4 runes. It actually worked out pretty perfectly!

Why I need this guide in my life: Sowilo, which is about finding light in darkness. It’s about good overcoming evil and having spiritual awareness. How we can work together: Othala. To focus on what I need, but not work on it so much that I break the intention.

It represents NIRYZ and I seeing signs but letting the energy and my thoughts do the work. What are you primarily here to help me with: Raidho and Isa. Almost literally means traveling out of stagnation. To move forward out of this blockage.


These feelings go perfectly with this spiritual guide being a phoenix. It is about rebirth and moving forward with my life. To figure out how to let my energy attract what I want, rather than feeling stuck in a negative energy focusing on my past.

The runes that are left face down in the images above, those are similar to the shadow card, but in relation to the runes closest to them. My pendulum told me it was not a wise idea to look at those, but if I had needed further explanation or detail, I could look at those runes.

I hope you’ve found this helpful! Tag me with your spiritual guides on Instagram @moonofgemini or #moonofgemini !