Nauthiz Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

nauthiz rune

The second rune in Hagal’s Aett is nauthiz. This rune represents need.

Nauthiz translation: need

Other spellings: Naudr, Naudiz

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As said above, nauthiz is the rune of need. If this rune appears in a casting, it signals that not all of your needs are being met. These are likely your basic needs.

Think about if your life feels lacking, or if you have been not prioritizing yourself lately. Is there something that has been taking your focus and you’ve been overlooking what you actually need.

This can be as simple as a reminder to keep drinking water, eating food, and taking time for yourself.

Alternatively, this could also represent a time of hardship where you’re not able to obtain everything you might need right now. Or represent the future where you’re choosing a path or thinking about a venture that would not fill all of your needs.

nauthiz rune with definition
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The nauthiz symbol is two lines, one over the other. This is often thought as two sticks being rubbed together to create fire. Fire is essential to human life and evolution, as the discovery allowed for food to be cooked, and places to be heated up.

Fire is, at it’s most basic, is a necessity for life. This is one of the most basic human needs and always will be. That is what this rune represents.

Relating To Other Runes

When looking at a rune casting, nauthiz is important to pay attention to where it fits in. This could represent what is causing you to not have all of your needs fulfilled, or can identify what need is not being fulfilled.

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