One Word Inspiration – Find Your Word With This Journal Prompt

"your one word of inspiration" with the world tarot card

A popular idea is to have your word of the year. This one word inspiration to keep you going through the difficult times, or remind you what you’re working towards. This is a powerful word.

This journal prompt is going to help you decide on your word. Work through different ideas by doing a quick journaling session to see what sort of ideas you already have floating around in your mind, and deciding on one concrete word!

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Inspiration doesn’t have to come from others; it can come from within, from digging deep and deciding what is best for us. This can also come from years of work on our part to get to where we’ve come from. This is a main idea in this one word inspiration journal prompt. Making your own inspiration to work for, or through.

This prompt is part of the major arcana journal prompt series, and is related to the World. If you aren’t a tarot person, you can still do this journal prompt! It just goes with the ideas of completion, wholeness, and perspective that is present with the tarot card.

Scroll all the way to the bottom for an example of the journal prompt too!

Before you Begin

*Please remember this post is meant to act as a guide, not as the only tool you can use. It is not a substitute for professional help. Don’t hesitate to seek further assistance from a professional to work through trauma.

Ensure you are in the right mindset and physical space for this. Try to find a place that where you won’t be interrupted. As this one word inspiration journal prompt is part of the major arcana series, maybe find the card in your deck for inspiration.

If you’d like, have music on in the background (a playlist relating to the world is coming soon!), light a candle, and get out your journal.

"inspiration comes from within"

Connecting the World to Shadow Work

The world is a card about cycles. It represents a conclusion, one cycle ending so a new one can begin. It’s up to us to release parts of the past to move on in the future.

A lot of shadow work is figuring out what cycles haven’t been broken in our life and working through them. The world is representative of that completion. The feeling of wholeness. Of accepting that we are still working through these past blockages, while able to see that we are still moving forward in life.

The One Word Inspiration Journal Prompt

"why have your own word of inspiration?"

This one word inspiration journal prompt is going to get you to really think of what you want your word to be! First, start off with a speed journaling, where you set a timer for 3 minutes and write. Then go through and mark the words that stand out to you. Finally, decide on your word! Continue reading for more specific details.

Part 1: Write It Out

Set a timer for 3 minutes and then answer these questions in your journal:

*I’m writing “year” in this, but you can start at any time of the year and have this word go for any set period of time. It’s just an easy way to think about a block of time.

my rune journal

  • How do you want to feel this year?
  • What are some goals you want to accomplish?
  • Is there anything you want right now?
  • Are there any difficulties you’re facing? How do you move past them?

Part 2: Read Through And Highlight

Read through what you just wrote and highlight (or underline) any words or feelings that specifically stand out to you. Is there a common idea floating throughout?

Write briefly (a few sentences) what that common idea is. Is is a positive idea? Or fairly negative? Do you want that to be your idea? Or do you need inspiration to help you through what you wrote out?

If you’ve done anything like this in the past, write those words down here too!

Part 3: Choose Your Word

Finally, choose your power word for the year. You can either look through what you’ve just written and see if any word stands out to you. Or find a different word that connects all of these ideas together for you.

This one word inspiration can be a mantra for you to get through the days, or an idea you have.

(This site has a good list of motivational words if you’re really stuck)

Optional: Write It Somewhere

Put this word somewhere now that you’ve decided on it! Have it as a classy wall decal, or make it into a sticker, put it on a notebook, anywhere to remind you of it.

If you can see your one word inspiration often, it’ll be a reminder to you. Then you’ll be able to think about why you chose that word for the year.

My Example

These are some current and past inspiration words I’ve used for points in life (the 2020 one is not my personal word – it’s someone else’s)!

I hope this was a helpful journal prompt for you on your journey to accepting your shadow self!

Are you looking for more journal prompts? This is one of a series of major arcana tarot card prompts that you can find here! If you’re just starting out and want an idea of how to create a spiritual journal, I have an entire article dedicated to it that you can read about!

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the world tarot card journal prompt: work and decide what your word for the year is. What represents this year? What do you want to accomplish?
Inspire yourself with this journal prompt! Decide on your own word to represent how you feel with one word. Use it as a mantra!
This journal prompt based off of the world tarot card is one to help you choose a word to describe your year and help you keep moving along.