How To Use Pendulum Dowsing To Find Lost Objects

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Losing things all the time and wanting to find them easily with your pendulum? Or looking to find something else? That’s when pendulum dowsing comes in to play! Using your pendulum, you can find items you might have lost or even just find water sources/minerals with dowsing.

So how do you do pendulum dowsing? Read to find out!

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This article is only going to cover dowsing for finding objects. If you’re interested in how to use a pendulum for divination, I suggest reading:

What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is often considered a way to find items that are not easily visible, like water underground or valuable minerals. This practice is not always done using a pendulum, but can also use rods made of various materials.

There is some skepticism behind whether or not it actually works, but from what I’ve tried with my pendulum, I’m fairly convinced!

Do You Need A Specific Dowsing Pendulum?

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A question you might have is if you have to have a specific dowsing pendulum to dowse with a pendulum.

And the answer is, no! You don’t have to have a specific dowsing pendulum. Any pendulum will work, so long as you follow the instructions below!

With saying that, there are some pendulums that work better for specific tasks than others. But that really depends on you, and your connection with the pendulum. If you have multiple pendulums, ask your pendulums which pendulum you should use. If not, try with the pendulum you already have or make one.

Don’t have one a pendulum? Learn to make them here! Or shop for some here!

How To Dowse

Start by getting your pendulum.

If you’re looking for a lost item, try to be in an area close to where you think the item might be.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is to actually keep your head clear. Try to clear your mind of any biases on where you think the object might be and just think about the item you’re looking for.

(Keep in mind, this is how I dowse with a pendulum, and if you don’t want to do the preparations, you can just skip to step 3)

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Step 1. Make Sure Your Pendulum Is Ready

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This is always the most important step in doing anything with pendulums. Is to make sure you have permission from your pendulum to use it in the manner you’re planning!

Questions I like to ask include: “am I with a guide from the white light,” “am I able to get an unbiased response,” “is it optimal for me to use this pendulum” & “is it optimal for me to ask about this now?”

If you get yes from all 4 of those questions, then you’re good to go and start pendulum dowsing!

Step 2. Ask Your Pendulum Starter Questions

Before having your pendulum point you in the direction, it’s a good idea to ask some basic questions before going on a dowsing quest to find the object you’re looking for.

Start with asking questions like “is the object in this room?” “is it in a different house?” “is it outside?” So you can at least get a sense of where the item is that you’re looking for.

If the pendulum starts pointing you in a direction, and you aren’t even in the right area code, it’s going to be difficult to find it. So use preliminary questions to at least get in the general area is a great place to start!

Then head to the area your pendulum is telling you to go, and then start getting more specific answers.

Step 3. Have Your Pendulum Swing In The Direction of the Item

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For the main step of pendulum dowsing, ask your pendulum to swing in the direction of what you’re searching for. Depending on your pendulum, it may be a soft or a strong movement.

Now follow that movement! It’s kind of like the childhood game of “hot or cold” where your pendulum will be moving you towards the direction of what you’re dowsing for.

If your pendulum stops, or starts moving in a circle, it can either mean you are right there or it’s the wrong direction. So just ask your pendulum at this point for clarity, using yes/no questions.

Eventually, following this, you should find what you’re dowsing for!


hearing aids

So my grandma lost her hearing aid and no one could find it anywhere. My mom and I decided to search her apartment and I brought my pendulum. My pendulum was convinced it was in the apartment, and when I went into one bathroom, my pendulum just started swinging in a circle.

I couldn’t find it anywhere in that bathroom, so I asked if it was in the other bathroom. It said yes, so I went to check in there. The hearing aid was hiding under the counter, out of eyesight.


Pendulum dowsing, depending on the person and how connected you are to the pendulum, might have varied results. I’ve had good luck with it too.

Just try it out for yourself and see what methods work for your pendulum dowsing, as this is a basic overview of how to find items with your pendulum!