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Pendulums are one of my favorite tools to use for divination and in my daily life. They have helped me in so many aspects of life, and even being more confident in myself. In this article, you will find an overview of all things pendulums, including: how to choose one, how to use it, questions to ask your pendulum, uses, and combined uses (with other tools).

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Often times, I don’t use my pendulum on it’s own, but with a combination of other tools, like tarot, runes, and crystals. Most of these paragraphs will link to more detailed articles about using your pendulum to aid you in your own divination discoveries!

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What is a Pendulum and where do I get one?

A pendulum is an object with weight at the end of a chain or string. When using for divination practices, it’s important for the object to come to a point at the bottom, for more clear answers. Often times, a pendulum has a crystal, metal, or wooden piece at the end of it. Each of them have their own merits.

A pendulum can be homemade, or even a necklace can be used. Here’s how you can make your own pendulum. Also read can anyone use a pendulum?

How to choose a pendulum

how to choose a pendulum quartz pendulum (link)

I highly suggest buying this in person, rather than online. This way you can feel the energy being given off by the pendulum, and be able to determine if it’s the right one for you while in store, rather than purchasing one online that you later discover does not match your needs.

If you cannot go into stores, look for ones on places like Etsy, where they are a little more unique than ones you’d find elsewhere. 2 shops that have really cool (I think) pendulums are TwoHealingStones and Thefolkwitch.

When choosing a pendulum, use your intuition. Follow your gaze to the one that sparks energy in you. Feel it. A few things to test in the store are how the energy feels for you. These are optional, and if it already has a chain on it at the shop!

Ways to test the pendulum: Stand firmly on the ground. Feel the energy in the pendulum and ask it to show you. See how the pendulum moves. Try to quickly get to know it, by asking to see “yes” and “no,” then asking more questions.

Read more about this topic by clicking on the picture above!

Getting to know your pendulum

pendulum interview with tarot cards (link)
interview your pendulum with a pendulum (link)

Once you’ve purchased a pendulum, then what? It’s time to start working with it! And discover more about the pendulum. It can be helpful to understand what each pendulum you purchase is sent to you for.

Every pendulum excels in some things, and does not work for others. Before really using your pendulum for divination, it can be good to get to know it better.

You can try this tarot interview spread for getting to know your pendulum. Find it by following the picture above! If you don’t use tarot cards, I’ve created a pendulum interview that you only need your pendulum for as well (second image or click here!) If you want to us a pendulum chart to help with the interview, you can purchase that here.

Asking your Pendulum Questions

how to ask a pendulum questions (link)

This is one of the biggest sections for learning how to use a pendulum! There are so many different ways to ask pendulums questions, and so many topics to ask your pendulum about.

my rune journal

There are also some topics you should NEVER ask your pendulum about! Those include: other people (without their permission), vague questions about the future, and your health. You can read more by clicking here for why you shouldn’t ask about those topics.

For more information on asking your pendulum questions, along with “troubleshooting” for if your pendulum isn’t answering you, click on the picture above to be redirected to an entire post about how to best ask your pendulum questions!

Can you overuse a pendulum?

4 pendulums and "are you using your pendulum too much?"

Is there a chance of overusing a pendulum? It really depends on the questions you’re asking and how you’re using the pendulum! Find out how to tell if you’re overusing a pendulum by reading more here.

How to Ask your Pendulum Questions – Best Practices

Before beginning any practice, it’s important to “warm up” the pendulum. Start by asking it to show you “yes,” and “no.” Also ask “am I with a guide from the white light?” or something similar before beginning to ensure all of the answers are responded to in your best interest.

You can read a full post about this here! It also goes into discussion for if you’re getting odd answers from your pendulum.

There’s also a way to ask questions. Rather than asking “should I” or “can I,” try asking “all things considered, is it optimal for…” Because you can do things. The 2 examples add in a level of bias. And bias is unwanted in a pendulum reading. We are really looking for using intuition and having unbiased answers.

From one book I’ve read on the subject, Pendulum Mojo, it suggested to ask questions in this format “all things considered, is it optimal….” because if you ask “can I”, then sure you can, but maybe you shouldn’t. This way you get what will be best for you under the circumstances.

Also, think about the idea of if you feel comfortable with someone else using your pendulum. Some people may ask if they can try it, and you need to have an answer!

Begin Your Practices

I always start my practice with asking my pendulum “show me yes,” and “show me no.” Sometimes I’ll ask for further demonstration of these if I feel necessary.

Then, ask the “All things considered, am I with a guide [or angel] from the white light?” This one is really important. This is important to ask, because it’s stating you will only be working in a positive realm. If this is not established first, you might get answers from a negative energy, and you might do something bad. We want positive energies and optimal answers.

If you are NOT with a guide from the white light, you need to rid yourself of that demon/dark energy. To do this, follow the instructions here, for a pendulum cleansing ritual. Then try asking the question again. Do Not continue with your practice until you are with a guide from the white light.

What if Your Pendulum isn’t Moving at All?

If you’re pendulum isn’t moving at all, it’s okay! There are a few things you can do to try and get it to move. Most of this is about connecting your energy to your pendulum’s to be on the same page. Find more information by clicking the image below!

if your pendulum won't move, what to do. (link)

Reprogramming a Pendulum

learn how to program your pendulum

Have you wondered about receiving answers from your pendulum other than just yes and no? Well, you can easily re-program your pendulum for a short term period to have it respond with other words! This is great for chakra testing as well as food sensitivity testing, or so many other reasons!

Read how to program your pendulum for how to ask any other questions using multiple options!

Topics to Ask your Pendulum

There are so many different topics to ask your pendulum about! It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself with a pendulum, and about life in general. For more uses with your pendulum, continue scrolling down to the next section. This one is specific for questions/topics to ask. Here are some topics to ask your pendulum about (click on the image):

questions to ask your pendulum
Basic questions for day-to-day asking your pendulum
working through childhood trauma with a pendulum
Childhood trauma
discovering past lives with a pendulum
Past lives
Spiritual guides

Other uses for your Pendulum

A pendulum has many uses other than just asking questions. Click on the images for further descriptions on other uses for your pendulum. You can also test for blocked chakras with your pendulum! It’s a quick way to determine what might be going wrong in your body.

Or search for lost items using pendulum dowsing! You can also charge crystals with intentions using your pendulum.

Cleanse the space, or energy around you with a pendulum
Food sensitivity testing
pendulum and tarot
Using your pendulum with a tarot reading
Crystal grid making

What about wearing your pendulum?

Sometimes we use necklaces as pendulums, because they have the needed point to use! But you can also wear your pendulum depending on the right circumstances! Then harness the energy of the pendulum while wearing it instead of having to ask for a yes or no answer!

wearing pendulums

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