Stop Time Tarot Spread – A Slice of Understanding

stop time tarot spread

This is a quick 3 card tarot spread for everything that you need to know right now. It’s a “stop time” tarot spread, giving you a slice of understanding on what’s going on in your life, without needing to do a long tarot spread.

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This tarot spread was created out of a confusion. I was doing a stop motion video of a tarot spread, and my friend misunderstood what I was saying, thinking it was a new type of tarot spread. Then I thought a stop motion, or stop time, tarot spread seemed like a pretty cool idea! I actually used my runes to choose how many cards this would be, and what each card represents in this tarot spread. This 3 card tarot reading can be done quickly, or you can take your time choosing the cards (I’ve done both).

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First there will be an explanation of this stop time tarot spread, and at the bottom, an example for if you’re still confused!

The Stop Time Tarot Spread

Take a few seconds to shuffle, and focus on just getting an idea of what’s going on in your life right now. Choose 3 cards out of your deck.

stop time tarot spread - 3 cards, laid out horizontally with words "1. connection, 2. repeating cycle, 3. havoc"

Card 1: Connection – what are you strongly connecting to in your life right now? What is bringing you the feeling of purpose?

Card 2: Cycle – what cycle are you repeating (that is no longer serving you?)??? Think about how you could break this, or why this is happening.

Card 3: Havoc – what is causing havoc, or chaos in your life right now? Is something causing you unhappiness or distress? Think about why this does not serve you.

An Example

As I said earlier, I’ve done this spread 2 ways – one with a slow process of choosing the cards, using my pendulum (you can watch that as the stop motion here! or read about how to do a tarot reading with your pendulum), or quickly. For the stop time tarot spread below, I chose the cards quickly, doing a light shuffle, and picking the cards that I was called immediately (they were also sort of sticking out of my deck). In the video, I’m using my Rider Waite tarot deck, and the image below, using my Healing Light tarot deck.

example tarot spread for stop time

Card 1: Something to connect to in your life – Ace of Pentacles. The ideas of manifestation and new beginnings are strong connections. This rings true, as this is a new venture, as well as I’m starting a new job this week. Everything feels new and unknown.

Card 2: A repeating cycle – Knight of Wands. The knight of wands represents air and fire coming together, so representative of fanning flames, almost causing chaos. But this is also a knight, so it’s a fast moving card. It seems like I’m trying to make something bigger than it needs to be (which I’ve been known to do).

Card 3: Wreaking havoc on my life – 9 of Cups. The 9 of cups is representative of carefree living, and enjoying life’s pleasures. This relates because I’m dreading giving up my work-from home schedule and lifestyle to go work for a company that I’ll be under the rules and time constraints of someone else.

I hope this hs been helpful! If you’ve tried this spread, tag me on Instagram @moonofgemini or #moonofgemini!

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stop time tarot spread by moonofgemini
stop time tarot spread by moonofgemini