6 Summer Solstice Rituals For The Longest Day Of The Year

summer solstice rituals

It’s the summer solstice! This is probably one of my favorite days of the year, mostly because of having so much daylight, feeling like night will never come. Why not celebrate this long day with some easy summer solstice rituals?

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Hopefully this is a day of sunshine and the weather is on your side, and you’re able to take a few minutes to enjoy the fresh air outside. Regardless of where you live or the weather, here are 6 simple summer solstice rituals to celebrate mother nature!

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Feel free to choose from these summer solstice rituals and do the ones that sound the best to you, or come up with your own ideas!

1. Light A Candle At Sunset

candle burning

This is what I grew up doing with my mom whether for summer solstice or winter solstice. We would take a few moments and only have candles be your light. Once it’s sunset, take a few minutes and just bask in candlelight, having all of the lights turned off.

Take a moment to thank mother nature for everything, and enjoy the quiet. Sit with yourself and nature and everything surrounding you.

2. A Summer Solstice Tarot Spread

I can’t do a rituals list without including a tarot spread! Try taking this summer solstice tarot spread outside, to enjoy the sunlight and gain energy’s nature around you while reading your tarot cards.

summer solstice tarot spread with 6 cards

This is a basic tarot spread where you shuffle, find the sun in your deck, and use the 3 cards on either side for the layout!

Get a feel for how your life is going currently, determine any stressors, and think about the future with what you want to do, and the steps to take to get there.

3. Create a Crystal Grid

a crystal grid with rose petals and quartz crystals

Crystal grids are a great idea to help set the tone and energy in your living space. For this one, you could choose to do bright colored crystals, have your pendulum choose crystals, or even use items like flowers that you found in nature.

Use the energy of the longest day and the sun to create positive energy full of motion towards growing and reaching your dreams. This is a very powerful feeling of motion and life and everything is in bloom around you. Harness that growing energy and put some of it into a crystal grid.

This crystal grid in the image above uses rose petals that have naturally fallen off the flower, and primarily quartz/amethyst crystals, with a large rose quartz piece in the center.

4. Go to a Water Source

rocks next to a river

It’s the longest day of the year! Take those daylight hours and go somewhere if you can. Try to find a water source, whether that’s a creek, the ocean, or a river. Spend some time near the water, and maybe even cleanse your crystals (depending on the crystal) in the water!

5. Plant Seeds (Literally)

This is the perfect time to be growing. It might be a little late in the season to be starting some seeds, but others will still thrive! Try growing basil or any other plants you might want.

my rune journal

Or if you don’t want to grow something from seeds, find a different plant! Either one you currently have or going to find a new one. Either repot it or make a hole in the soil near the bottom.

6. Plant Seeds (Figuratively)

In with the plant, or in the hole made in a current plant you have, put a note in.

So write a note to yourself, or for the universe on a small piece of paper. Some way you want to grow (in a positive way). Take some time to think it through and write it down.

Put the note in with your new seedlings, or in any plant you may have near.

This way you are planting seeds for the future with your goal on growing with seeds or a plant. When you see the plant, it’ll remind you of your goals on growing!

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