Discover your Spiritual Guides: a Tarot Spread for Spiritual Guides & Angels

This tarot spread is to be used in conjunction with your pendulum. It is made to assist you in discovering more about each spiritual guide you encounter. By starting with your pendulum, you can learn how many spiritual guides you may have, and some details about them. This tarot spread for spiritual guides (or angels, spirits…) is meant to give you a bigger picture on what the guide is there to assist you with.

I suggest you begin learning about your spiritual guides with a pendulum, or learning about your angel in a different way prior to this. If not, you may receive answers for a multitude of guides, which may become confusing. I’ve created a guide on getting to know your spiritual guides with a pendulum for this purpose.

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It’s a simple 3 card spread. I’ll start with what the tarot spread is, and then you can continue down the page to an example for a tarot spread. This tarot spread is for one of my spiritual guides. You can reference it if you are still confused or want an example. I was also able to apply this spread to a rune reading, if you’d rather work with a different medium, which you can see in the pendulum spiritual guide post. You can find card meanings here, if you’re stuck!

Tarot Spread for Spiritual Guides

tarot spread for spiritual guides and angels - goes with using your pendulum to learn about guides
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Card 1: What I’m doing in my life that I need this guide. What am I going through that this guide is here to help me with?

Card 2: How will we work together? In what ways can we collaborate?

Card 3: What are you (the spiritual guide) primarily here to help me with? This is the most important card/the heaviest weighted card of this tarot spread.


This is an example tarot spread for one of my spiritual guides named “AGJ.” AGJ is a white light angel. The crystals I have assisting me with this spread are my mini ones (surrounding the board), pink calcite, amethyst, moonstone, and my rose quartz pendulum. I’m using my Healing Light Tarot deck.

  1. What is happening in my life that I need this guide’s assistance: Page of Swords. Page of swords represents a student, with a lot to learn before comfortably striking with the sword. This card also can be seen as a messenger bearing news.
  2. How we work together: Sun XIX. The sun is about liberation and growth. It’s a time for learning new things and growing towards the sun and a bright outcome.
  3. What this guide is here to help me with: King of Cups. King of Cups means this angel is going to assist me with making sound judgements. They are also here to assist with re-energizing me if I wear out on the journey.

Overall, it seems like this angel is here to help me learn in a safe environment, working together for growth, and they will help me stay on track and give me energy when I am weary. I can call upon this angel for assistance during times of learning and exhaustion.

I hope you’ve been able to learn more about your guides/angels/spirits while using this tarot spread! You can find other tarot spreads here if you’re interested. Let me know what you found out; tag me @moonofgemini or #moonofgemini on Instagram!