The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

The empress tarot card

The empress tarot card is the embodiment of femininity. She is typically thought of as one with nature. This is a card that can also represent spring, as a time of lightness, birth, mother figure, and new beginnings. She is nature.

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Definition of The Empress Tarot

The empress tarot card - a simple definition of the card with information on how to understand it based on the tarot reading

Simple Upright Meaning

Motherly, springtime, femininity, feminine authority figure, planting new seeds

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A Full Explanation

The empress tarot card typically represents femininity, springtime, lightness, and a mother figure. The image typically depicts a pregnant woman in nature. This card has a few different ideas associated with it, depending on where this card appears in a reading and the question asked.

One idea this card can mean in a reading is to seek guidance from nature or from a female figure in your life. This person may be able to help you with your question. This person may have gone through something similar and have ideas to assist you. It may also be the idea to look to nature rather than a person for the answers. Take a walk if you can.

Another feeling in this card is springtime. It might be an idea to try something new, or to plant the seeds for the future. You may be giving birth to an idea now as well. This is a time to take your new ideas and go with it. Try it out!

The last idea when you get the empress in a reading is that you may find yourself in a motherly role, in any sort of relationship. One thing to think about is to try to not become overbearing with this position. You may have answers and ideas, but try to let them come up with their own ideas. You may think you know better, but sometimes people need to make mistakes themselves or to learn on their own. Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t help some. Just try to let them have their own space to work things out on their own before coming to you.

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My Design

the empress tarot card - a simple definition of the card with some bonus information!
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The empress is depicted in my card as a female symbol, with a wreath and birds surrounding the wreath. Many tarot decks have an image of a pregnant woman in nature (like in The Triple Goddess Tarot Deck). I decided to just do a fairly simple symbol, to not have it be overwhelming. with flowers and birds to depict springtime, the earth, and femininity!

Other Thoughts

This is one of the more positive cards in the major arcana series. It’s not a card to be concerned over if you see it! Take time to think about how it might relate to your question. This card does relate to femininity, but it’s not necessarily only a card for women. This card can be related to everyone, just think mostly of the ideas of female fertility and a motherly attitude.

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