The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

the fool tarot card

We start the tarot journey in the Major Arcana series with The Fool. Typically represented with a person and their pet, looking out at the unknown, standing at the edge of a cliff. It’s a new beginning, a start. The fool tarot card is number 0, having not really begun the journey yet.

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Definition of The Fool Tarot

The fool tarot card-  a simple definition of the card meaning.

Simple Upright Meaning

A fresh beginning, naive, jumping into the unknown, youthful attitude, excitement

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A Full Explanation

The fool tarot card is one of a fresh start. Of naivete and not knowing what’s out there. But it’s also an exciting card, one of thrill and adventure. You don’t know what will occur next, and that’s exhilarating. It’s thrilling to have these opportunities lying ahead.

When you see this card in a reading, it’s a fairly positive feeling. This is a fresh start. A place to begin. This is a child, at the beginning of their story, meeting the unknown. The other feeling this card can provoke is naivete. It can be a reminder to take a look at how much you know currently, and how much you can still learn. You might be thinking you know more than you do. But there is always more to discover. We have to be open for these opportunities. If we are closed off to these new beginnings, it can cause a lot of frustration. This is an exciting time in your life!

It’s a card preparing you for exploration, whether that is physical, mental, emotional, work related, or personal. Be open and try to go with this. Go in with the idea that you don’t know a lot, and you’ll learn so much more. Be excited for what may come. If you’re questioning whether to go on a new path, this card is telling you to try. To do the new thing and see where it leads you.

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My Design

the fool tarot card - a definition of the card and additional information
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My fool tarot card looks slightly different from most decks. Many tarot decks have a person at the edge of a cliff (Like in The Modern Witch Tarot Deck), looking out at the unknown. I took it in a slightly different direction, while keeping the meaning as close to the same as possible. Partly because I wanted to have a plant theme and also to have The Fool and The World connect.

Rather than a person, this tarot card has a seedling on it, just starting to pop out of the earth. The roots aren’t strong yet, and the leaves are searching for the sunlight. The leaves are reaching out, trying to capture any sun to grow. Seedlings are very fragile, just at the beginning of the cycle, just as the fool is. This seed needs nutrients and water to grow. And by surviving storms and winter will the seedling really flourish. It’s a reminder that we get stronger on the other side of a storm or difficult period of time.

Other Thoughts

These are just some other thoughts and connections with the Fool. This card is the very beginning, it’s a start. What it’s starting depends on you, and where you are in your life. This could be a new job, moving, a new study or practice; it’s really anything you don’t yet feel comfortable with.

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