The Moon Reflection Tarot Spread with 4 Cards

reflection tarot spread using the moon tarot card

This is a reflection tarot spread based around the moon tarot card. This goes along with the autumnal equinox rituals because we can reflect and release what is no longer of importance like earth does each season. It’s a time of shedding our own leaves. But first we need to look within. It’s a simple 4 card tarot spread that won’t take you long to do. But it will give you things to think about.

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The idea behind this reflection tarot spread is, you’ve done the goal making tarot spread for the spring equinox and want to look back on it. If you haven’t, that’s okay too! This is still a good way to check in with yourself and see what’s going on. I like the idea of connecting it with fall because it gives you something to work on internally during the winter months.

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The Reflection Tarot Spread

Shuffle your deck, and find the Moon tarot card in your deck. Take the 2 cards before, and the 2 cards after the moon card and lay them out in the order depicted above. You’re finding the moon tarot card in your deck because it typically represents emotions and breaking through illusions. We need to take a moment to look at the past and see what happened for this reflection tarot spread.

  1. How have you changed over the last 6 or so months? What’s different? How have you grown?
  2. A piece of advice for yourself. What do you need to know at this moment in time? What is it important to understand?
  3. How do you currently feel trapped? What is keeping you back and why you can’t move forward?
  4. A fresh start. How can you break free from the trapped feelings in the previous card? What is it that you need to do?

Don’t forget to write this information down! Then you can remember it and come back to this later if you’re having a hard time ever or to see how this panned out. If you’re curious how to best write them down, I have an article about journaling with tarot spreads!

This is a really simple reflection tarot spread that you can do at any time to look back at what you’ve been working on. Are you looking for other tarot spreads? You can find more here! If you want more information on the tarot card meanings, you can find those here!


Are you confused with how this could look or how to interpret? Here’s an example of the reflection tarot spread using my Healing Light tarot deck!

  1. How I’ve changed over the last 6 months: King of Wands. I’ve been working on ambitious projects that are close to my heart, a bit of an entrepreneur.
  2. A piece of advice: 3 of Pentacles. I am able. I have the ability. I am ready for the ambitious challenge.
  3. How do I feel trapped: Page of Swords. There’s been a delay. Things aren’t going as quickly as I would like them to. I am also feeling distracted.
  4. Fresh start: The Lovers. Passion and commitment. Finally committing to a project, one idea.

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a simple 4 card reading reflecting on what you've been doing. Take time to look at the past by finding the moon in your tarot deck.
a simple 4 card tarot spread based around the moon tarot card. Reflect on the past few months with this tarot spread!