The Positive Thinking Journal Prompt For Everyone

positive journal prompt sun tarot card on journal

Having highs and lows are a natural part of life. It’s important to remember the happy times during both periods. This positive thinking journal prompt is one where you remember and write down your happy memories to relive at any time you may need a boost of inspiration.

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This positive thinking journal prompt is part of the major arcana journal prompt series, and is related to the Sun. If you aren’t a tarot person, you can still do this journal prompt! It just goes with the ideas of celebration and sunlight that is present with the tarot card.

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Scroll all the way to the bottom for an example of the journal prompt too!

Before you Begin

*Please remember this post is meant to act as a guide, not as the only tool you can use. It is not a substitute for professional help. Don’t hesitate to seek further assistance from a professional to work through trauma.

Ensure you are in the right mindset and physical space for this. Try to find a place that where you won’t be interrupted. As this release journal prompt is part of the major arcana series, maybe find the card in your deck for inspiration.

If you’d like, set soft music or light a candles. Get out your journal. Make sure you take some time for this journal prompt.


Connecting the Sun Tarot Card to Shadow Work

The sun tarot card is one of positivity, joy, and sunshine raining down on you. It’s a card where bad times have been left behind and you can celebrate in the warm light.

The important aspect to remember is that with the downs come ups. There are always highs and lows. We can’t just have one without the other all of the time.

The sun is a symbol of the highs and positives. It’s important to recognize that while we’re living it, after a hard time, and remember that there have been good times before and more are to come when we are in the lows.

The Positive Thinking Journal Prompt

positive journal prompt
The Sun Tarot Card from Triple Goddess Tarot

This journal prompt is about thinking of happy memories, moments, or even seconds in time and writing them down in a place you can easily look back at and add to as you come up or create more ideas to write down.

A great thing about this prompt is that it’s perfect for if you’re down and struggling, or having a great day. It’s especially helpful to have marked so you can come back to it later on.

I’ve gone through periods of time where I can’t seem to think of anything positive. Not one idea can come into my head that isn’t negative. This prompt is going to challenge that out of everyone. Whether or not you’re happy or sad, now is the right time to work on this!

Decide How You’re Going To Set This Up

There are 2 different ways to set up this prompt, as it doesn’t necessarily require a journal (it depends on how you want to set it up!) If you choose to use a journal, make sure you have a few pages ready, and set aside a few for later as you can hopefully come back and add ideas later. Make sure to mark this page with a bookmark to remember where it is!

my rune journal

The other option is to make this positive thinking journal prompt almost into a craft project. (This is what I originally did.) Get a bunch of small pieces of paper and a pen. Figure out how you’re going to store these, whether in a decorated box, or just having a binder clip.

The Prompt:

piece of paper surrounded by crystals

Now make a list. Of every happy moment in your life you can think of.

It doesn’t matter if it’s large or small; write it down. If you can only think of 1; that’s a good start. If you can think of 30 immediately, great! (Scroll to the bottom for some of my personal examples)

Write down any moment you can think of that is a happy memory for you. Put it in a bulleted list, or if you’re using separate pieces of paper, write them out one on each piece of paper.

These memories can be from 20 years ago or yesterday. It really doesn’t matter! Take time with this prompt to really think about it. Write small descriptions or larger memories.

Once you think of a few, more will likely start coming to you; whether immediately or over the next few days.

The most important part of this positive thinking journal prompt is to write down what has made you happy. Mark it in a way you won’t forget where it is, so you can come back to it. Add more positive memories when you think about them, or

Future Reference

A big portion of the idea behind this prompt is to remember where you wrote it. This way you can easily add more memories or if you’re having a bad day, you can look back at your memories!

My Example

This is a personal example of the journal prompt, in case you are stuck. I’ve only added the writing about some of them below, rather than writing out everything.

journal prompt example

I hope this was a helpful journal prompt for you on your journey to accepting your shadow self!

Are you looking for more journal prompts? This is one of a series of major arcana tarot card prompts that you can find here! If you’re just starting out and want an idea of how to create a spiritual journal, I have an entire article dedicated to it that you can read about!

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A positive journal prompt relating to the sun tarot card. Write all of your happy memories down so you can look back at them.
A journal prompt for the sun tarot card: a prompt of positivity and sunshine that goes with the sun.
This is a shadow work journal prompt that is also a positive journal prompt, perfect for any day!