The World Tarot Card Meaning

the world tarot card

The World tarot card is the final card we arrive at in the major arcana series. This is a card of acceptance and completion.

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Definition of the World Tarot Card

the world tarot card with def

Simple Upright Meaning

Completion, end of a cycle, enlightenment

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A Full Explanation

The world tarot card is one about completion, and a feeling of contentment. You’ve gone on this long journey that is the Major Arcana series, and are now at the end. You now have the knowledge to make the best decisions for yourself.

This card is you able to breathe again after an arduous journey, and use what you’ve learned to continue this positive energy into your future.

When you find this card in a tarot reading, it can symbolize that you’ve reached the completion of something. You now have firm roots and are able to reach for the sky. It can also be the feeling of being on top of the world with joy. You have the ability to do both. To not only be rooted but see what’s around you.

It is also the idea of enlightenment. Through your travels, you have met many people and learned a lot. Now, with this one journey complete, you can help others.

But as this is said, this is not your only journey. Your journey is not over, you have just completed one step of learning. In the Rider Waite deck, the image is of a person in a wreath with images of earth, fire, wind and air around them. This wreath can create the idea of a cycle, where only one part of the journey is finished.

The difference is this time you take what you’ve learned into the next step of life, and can move forward much more easily.

My Design

the world tarot card

I really like the world tarot card in my deck, Healing Light Tarot, which depicts this world card as a person on top of a tree. Where the tree represents the world tree in Norse mythology. This world tree is thought to support the universe.

Instead of having the world shown in large with just one tree not even showing up on the world, there is a small globe inside this tree image, to suggest everything is connected.

This image is also in contrast to the Fool, which I depicted as a seedling. This tree, like the end of the tarot journey has strong roots, and reaches for the sky.

Other Thoughts

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