Uruz Rune – Elder Futhark Meaning

uruz rune

Uruz is the second rune in the Freyr’s Aett series. This is a rune of strength, physical or mental.

Uruz translation: Auroch (wild ox)

Other spellings: Ur, Urus

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Uruz is a rune of strength. This is for you to have power for yourself. Rather than letting someone else take control of your life, you have your own power. No one else has an influence over you. The uruz rune can either represent mental or physical strength, however you need it to be in your life.

Don’t let anyone else exert power over you. There may be challenges ahead, and you need to prepare yourself for them. This is likely not something anyone else can do for you; you will have to take the reins.

This may also be a representation of a change in your life that is coming. You may be starting something new. Go into it with a strong heart and head to prosper.

uruz rune with definition
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This translated to a specific type of ox that used to live, the auroch. Think of the ox as brute force and having just unimaginable strength. That is what this rune represents.

The auroch is what has become todays cattle, and became extinct in the 1600s due to excessive hunting. This ox can be found throughout greek mythology, due to it’s extensive presence in the past and importance to survival.

Relating To Other Runes

Depending on the position this rune is in in a rune reading, it can either be warning you about what you need to have strength for or in what form to take the strength.

Use uruz as a protection rune to help you keep strength, or to focus on new beginnings ahead.

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