What Is A Shadow Card in Tarot?

what's a shadow card?

You may have seen some tarot spreads mentioning a shadow card, but what is it? It’s an added piece of information to any tarot spread, that you can choose to use or ignore; it’s really your choice!

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Most of the time, shadow cards are something optional that you pull for extra guidance in a tarot spread. But some tarot spreads, like this tarot spread for trauma, actually call for finding and using this card!

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Which Card Is The Shadow Card?

It’s really easy to find the shadow card while doing a tarot spread or reading cards. Once you’ve pulled all of your cards, flip the rest of the deck over and the card on the is the shadow card!

What is This Card’s Purpose?

The purpose of this card is to give clarity. This is a card that relates to the entire tarot spread, and gives an idea of the overall feelings of this tarot spread.

It’s a great card to look to when you’re feeling like there are mixed messages in the tarot spread, or if you’re feeling really confused overall with what the main point of the tarot spread is. Or just if you want more information.

Should I Use This Card?

Using this card is entirely up to you! It’s your choice as to whether or not to use a shadow card.

For a new tarot reader, it might seem overwhelming to have another tarot card to try to understand. And how it relates to the other cards. It might also do the exact opposite, if you’re able to look at that card and get an understanding of what the other cards are trying to tell you.

Some people might read the card at the bottom of their deck every single time they do a reading.

Keep in mind, that you don’t have to use the shadow card every single time you do a tarot spread. You can choose when you pull it, and when you don’t. Trust your gut.

When Do I Pull This Card?

When you pull this card is also up to you for the most part. If you go into the tarot reading with the intention of using the shadow card, flip your deck over at the beginning of the reading.

Or, you can wait until after you’ve mostly finished looking at the cards, and then find the card at the bottom of the deck to gain extra clarity.

TLDR: the shadow card is the card at the bottom of your tarot deck after you’ve shuffled it, and trust your intuition as to whether or not you choose to use this tarot card!

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Hopefully this information has helped you figure out what a shadow card is! Now try using it in a tarot spread (like this blocked energy tarot spread).

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