Working through Childhood Trauma using a Pendulum

This is a post for discovering and moving beyond childhood trauma using a pendulum. We’re going to dive in and discover what ages the trauma occurred in your life, what it may have been, and how to move past it. This can be a really cleansing experience, and a way to get to know yourself better. It’s also a way to try and move forward with your life, rather than being stuck in one cycle.

This article will go over how to discover what age the trauma occurred, what happened, and how to move forward, with an optional tarot spread or other tool ideas for extra assistance at the end!

*This post is meant to act as a guide, not as the only tool you can use. It is not a substitute for professional help. Don’t hesitate to seek further assistance from a professional to work through trauma.

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A childhood trauma can range in severity and how it has affected you. It is a wide range from big to small traumas, and how much they affect you in current life. It’s important to recognize all of them. For without recognition, there is no moving forward.

This is a guide for learning about and working through your childhood trauma using a pendulum. This can be used as a stand-alone practice, or in conjunction to other practices, such as tarot, meditation, or therapy.


It’s important to do a little bit of prep work before you start any discovering your childhood trauma using a pendulum! This way you ensure you are in a safe and protected space, I suggest reading my article asking your pendulum questions also, before you start with this. Then you’ll have the best possible outcome with working through childhood traumas with your pendulum!

  1. Create a safe space while in this practice, ensure a quiet area where you won’t be interrupted. Play music, light candles, or have a few crystals out to help with understanding. If you choose to utilize them, take out your tarot deck (or other assisting objects). Have a notebook prepared for writing the information you learn down.
  2. Ensure you are working with white light. An example question to ask your pendulum could be “All things considered, am I working with a guide from the white light?” If you’re not, perform a cleansing ritual (with sage, your pendulum, however you choose) and then ask again.
  3. This is the most important too! Ask the pendulum if you are allowed to ask about this subject, and if you’re allowed to ask now. If the answer is no, step away and respect that now is not the time to be working on this.
working through childhood trauma with a pendulum - questions to ask for guidance
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Finding your Childhood Traumas with your Pendulum

Start by setting in your mind what you want to consider a childhood trauma that you’d like to work through using your pendulum. Set your intention to be focusing on “major childhood traumas.” (When I ask about childhood traumas in general, I received an answer of over 20. When narrowed down to major childhood traumas, I have a workable number of 3.)

You will likely have more than one childhood trauma. Don’t be surprised if there are many. You may already know the childhood trauma, or it may come unexpectedly. Remember that you can stop at any time!

General Questions about the Traumas

  1. How many childhood traumas do you have?
    • Begin with questions such as, under 10, over 10.
    • Then try and narrow it down to a specific number.
  2. At what age did these occur?
    • Ask in ranges first (0-5) (5-10) (10-15) (15-20).
    • Then ask for a specific age for each once you’ve narrowed it down.
  3. Are any of these traumas related to one another?
    • Which ones? (i.e. the age of 15 and 17 traumas?)
    • Or are they all individual?

Specifics about the Traumas

  • Where (location) did the trauma occur (country, region, a specific place)?
  • Were other people involved?
    • Try to dig deeper- who, someone you know, a friend, bully, random person in class, or just yourself?
  • Was it physical, emotional, or mental?
  • You could try using a pendulum chart to spell out answers too.

*Be careful with how you ask the questions. Asking “was family involved?” is vague. Because it could be any family. Ask more specific, like “was a member of MY family involved?”

Moving Forward from the Trauma

Ask your pendulum how to move forward from this! There are so many ways to move forward from trauma, here are some ideas that you could do, or ask your pendulum which option is best for you! The first step really is to discover what the trauma was to moving forward.

  • Cleansing yourself
  • Hugging your inner child
  • Writing about it
  • Talking to a professional
  • Talking to someone in your life
  • Creating a crystal grid
  • Meditation

Sometimes this can be difficult to get answers from a pendulum, especially because mostly yes/no answers are received. Utilizing tools alongside a pendulum for understanding your childhood traumas can be helpful as well.

Childhood trauma - working through them using a pendulum for understanding.
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Tarot for further Understanding

If you’re still struggling with details on the trauma, I suggest using tarot or runes for a bigger picture. Below you’ll find a tarot spread for figuring out more information on the trauma, or you can read about it in full here, along with a demonstration of a reading using the Rider Tarot Deck.

tarot spread for understanding trauma

I hope this has been helpful! You can find more pendulum uses here!

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