About Me

Hi, everyone! I’m Ash. I’ve created this blog to act as a place of learning. I want people to discover more about themselves in a safe environment. This includes various tools, like pendulums and tarot to get to know yourself better.

I am a believer that people need to decide for themselves what their spiritual practice is, rather than being told one thing. It’s also important to know when the right time to learn about something is and when it’s not the right time. Paying attention to intuition and signs are key.


I’m a Taurus, born on the Aires/Taurus cusp. My moon sign is Gemini (hence the name of this website). Rising star is Virgo.

As an Earth sign, I am highly drawn to physical objects. This primarily means I feel the most connected with crystals, pendulums, and runes. I enjoy tarot as well, usually combining many of these practices together in one session (as well as trying to learn Lenormand). Another passion of mine is sacred geometry.

I love to create crystal grids. And I’m a firm believer that crystal grids don’t always have to be “pretty” to be effective. What matters more than beauty is the energy being created with the crystals and the grid.

These are the crystals I bought at the Crystal Festival in Tuscon, AZ

My Introduction

I’m relatively new to all of this (although it’s been a year now that I’ve gotten my pendulum!). I’ve always been a fan of rocks, and had them as a child. I didn’t grow up with these ideas at the forefront, but my mom is well versed in astrology and tarot, so she taught me some. Eventually, I tried one or 2 tarot spreads for myself using her cards, and that’s how it all started with tarot.

On a trip to Hawaii a few years ago, I saw a stall and asked about crystals. Specifically, which would be best for me. The woman told me to choose the ones that felt right, rather than going specifically on what the intention of the crystal is. Because intuitively, you’ll likely pick out the objects that are most important for you during that moment. A few months later, I happened upon another crystal shop, this time in New Zealand. And chose a few more crystals. The originals from Hawaii were in the USA. These new ones I carried with me everywhere.

Then I bought a tarot deck for myself. I started doing a tarot spread about every day, just trying to learn the card meanings (which is an ongoing process, especially each time I get a new deck). I was beginning to understand, but tarot didn’t necessarily feel like the only answer for me.

The progression was fairly slow up until now. Then it sped right up. Visiting a friend in California, we happened upon this craft festival. This friend has a pendulum and showed it to me the previous night. This was the first time I had ever heard of using them for divination. At this craft festival, one stall had pendulums in it. We passed by originally, and then we went back because I was so drawn to the pendulums. That day I bought a pendulum and suddenly things made more sense.

pendulum in heart shape


The pendulum was so powerful. I originally wanted to sleep with it, but was wired. I could feel the pendulum pulsating in my hand. Then I left it out on the table next to me. My dreams that night were so vivid. Eventually, I realized that this pendulum needed to be kept in the drawstring bag that came with it when not in use. I can only carry it around occasionally with me, as I’m so connected to the energy I can’t be around it all the time.

This is when things took off. I purchased many new crystals, a rune set, started creating crystal grids, understanding tarot better, and learning about sacred geometry. It seemed like the curtains had been opened to this whole new land of opportunity. To a place that I didn’t quite understand, but felt right to be here.

It now seems similar to the 7 of Cups, where there are so many choices, and now I must make those choices of which to follow. There are a lot of practices that I have not tried yet. I don’t know if I’ll try all of them ever, but for now I know some practices are not meant to be tried yet. They might in a few years, who knows.

7 of cups tarot card


Currently I still use a pendulum at least a few times a day, create a new crystal grid each month, and try to do a tarot spread about once a week. I also recently purchased a Lenormand deck, because I’m intrigued by how it’s more definitive answers than tarot. (so you might see a new section about Lenormand coming soon!)

Want to get it touch? I’m often near my phone, so you can find me on Instagram @moonofgemini or email me at ash@ moonofgemini.com!