Tarot Card Meanings

These are all of the tarot card meanings, from my understanding! These all have a basic meaning on the image, and then click for more information!

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Some of the tools I’ve used to assist me to learning the meanings are are the tarot deck guidebooks (Healing Light and Triple Goddess, the Tarot book by Kim Arnold, and Labyrinthos app). So these may be similar, but it is my personal explanation/how I read the cards.

Currently, the descriptions are being added, so they are not all available at the moment. Most of these will begin with just upright meanings, as I mostly do upright readings.

*You’ll be able to determine if there is a full post for the card (click the picture for the full post) if the card has a description on it.

Some of these descriptions will also include cards from the decks I own, if there is a specific difference in how I understand the meanings based on which deck I’m reading from.

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Major Arcana

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the fool tarot card

0 The Fool
A fresh beginning, Jumping into the unknown, Naïve

the magician tarot card

I The Magician
Assistance, mystery, knowledge of the realms

the high priestess tarot card

II The High Priestess
Intuition, higher self conscience, find the answers within

the empress tarot card

III The Empress
Motherly, springtime, trying new things

the emperor tarot card

IV The Emperor
Rules and order, strength and masculinity, stability/structure

the hierophant tarot card

V The Hierophant
Teachers, spiritual crossroads, learning from others

the lovers tarot card

VI The Lovers
Connection, relationships, propelled together

the chariot tarot card

VII The Chariot
Opposing ideas, at a standstill, decisions must be made

strength tarot card

VIII Strength
Internal strength, balancing a situation, what you need is within

the hermit tarot card

IX The Hermit
A solo journey, look within, trust your instincts

wheel of fortune tarot card

X Wheel of Fortune
Positive luck or change, cycles, feeling stuck in a cycle

justice tarot card

XI Justice
The truth will come out, logic and intuition rule, balance

hanged man tarot card

XII The Hanged Man
Feeling stuck, missing some options, not going with the flow

death tarot card

XIII Death
A major change, transformation and rebirth

temperance tarot card

XIV Temperance
Emotional harmony, physical and ethereal connection

the devil tarot card

XV The Devil
Feeling trapped, pain, anguish, mental health, addiction

the tower tarot card

XVI The Tower
Destruction and chaos, falling, starting over

star tarot card

XVII The Star
Healing, prosperity, rebirth

the moon tarot card

XVIII The Moon
Deception, fear, darkness, follow your instincts

the sun tarot card

XIX The Sun
Joy, positivity, a breakthrough, period of growth

metamorphosis tarot card

XX Metamorphosis (Judgement)
Recognizing the past, transformation, release

the world tarot card

XXI The World
The end of a cycle, “the world at your feet”, wisdom learned

Minor Arcana: Cups

ace of cups

Ace of Cups
Emotional fulfillment, fresh start, calming emotions

2 of cups

2 of Cups
Connection, joy, merging of ideas/emotions

3 of cups

3 of Cups
Celebration with friends, community, unity, happy

4 of cups

4 of Cups
Bored, apathetic, complacent, disinterested

5 of cups

5 of Cups
Mourn, sadness, grief, not all hope is lost

6 of cups

6 of Cups
Innocent joy, happiness, friendship, childhood

7 of cups

7 of Cups
Making a choice, quick decision required

8 of cups

8 of Cups
Let go of the past, moving forward, release

9 of cups

9 of Cups
Breakthrough, self made joy

10 of cups

10 of Cups
Happy ever after, love ,listen to your heart

page of cups

Page of Cups
Unexpected experience, emotional change, wonder and amazement

knight of cups

Knight of Cups
Loving love, dreams & artistic ideas

queen of cups

Queen of Cups
Listen to emotions, follow your heart, intuitive

king of cups

King of Cups
In tune with your emotions, a person to ask for guidance

Minor Arcana: Pentacles

ace of pentacles

Ace of Pentacles
New beginnings, material/physical wealth, possibilities

2 of pentacles

2 of Pentacles
Choices, balancing too many things, duality of the 2

3 of pentacles

3 of Pentacles
Working on a project, teamwork (not evenly split), pressure to succeed

4 of pentacles

4 of Pentacles
Financial stress, uneven power, hoarding of resources

5 of pentacles

5 of Pentacles
Despair, frustration, lack of assistance, can’t see past the problem

6 of pentacles

6 of Pentacles
Unequal funds, frugality/overspending, lack of resources

7 of pentacles

7 of Pentacles
Hard work paying off, reap rewards, acknowledge your effort

8 of pentacles

8 of Pentacles
Hard work, dedication, joy from a project, continue even when it’s tiring

9 of pentacles

9 of Pentacles
Luxury, hard work paid off, loneliness in wealth

10 of pentacles

10 of Pentacles
Accomplishment, financial stability, positive relationships

page of pentacles

Page of Pentacles
Student, discovery, time to focus on one item rather than everything

knight of pentacles

Knight of Pentacles
Stopped with indecision, rooted to their beliefs, defend people in need

queen of pentacles tarot card

Queen of Pentacles
Protection, safe space, caring, keep taking care of yourself

king of pentacles

King of Pentacles
Goals reached, comfort and success, symbiosis of fire and earth

Minor Arcana: Swords

ace of swords

Ace of Swords
New ideas, a moment of clarity, knowledge

2 of swords

2 of Swords
Paralyzed by indecision, blinded to something, avoidance

3 of swords

3 of Swords
Anguish, pain, sorrow

4 of swords

4 of Swords
take a break, rest, meditate

5 of swords

5 of Swords
Winner, loser, winning at a cost, losing to be free

6 of swords

6 of Swords
Required journey, traveling forward towards the sun, turbulent to calm

7 of swords

7 of Swords
Thievery, stealth, deception

8 of swords tarot card

8 of Swords
Trapped, can’t see a way out, stuck

9 of swords tarot card

9 of Swords
Depression, sorrow, suffering

10 of swords tarot card

10 of Swords
Abrupt endings, backstabbing, unexpected change

page of swords tarot card

Page of Swords
Student, learning, messenger

knight of swords tarot card

Knight of Swords
Energy, focus, determination, follow your dreams

queen of swords tarot card

Queen of Swords
Guidance, to the point, guarded heart

king of swords tarot card

King of Swords
See what’s important, logic, leader

Minor Arcana: Wands

ace of wands

Ace of Wands
Light bulb moment, high energy, new path

2 of wands tarot card

2 of Wands
Start of a journey, unknown, looking ahead

3 of wands

3 of Wands
Preparing for a journey alone, looking ahead

4 of wands

4 of Wands
Celebration with friends, enjoyment, happiness

5 of wands tarot card

5 of Wands
Strife, disagreement, difference of opinion

6 of wands tarot card

6 of Wands
Victory, success, reaching goals

7 of wands tarot card

7 of Wands
Standing your ground, defense, starting something new

8 of wands tarot card

8 of Wands
Swift movement, positive action, forward movement

9 of wands
10 of wands
page of wands
knight of wands
queen of wands
king of wands