22 Major Arcana Shadow Work Prompts for Self Discovery

tarot shadow work prompts

Find out more about yourself with these major arcana shadow work prompts for self discovery, shadow work, and to become the best person you possibly can be! You can start with the fool and end with the world journal prompts, or choose the one that seems most fitting for the moment!

Find a brief description of each one below (all of them coming soon), and follow the link to the full article about how to work on this journal prompt or coming soon, you can buy a PDF printout of all of these journal prompts as one booklet!

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*This post is meant to act as a guide, not as the only tool you can use. It is not a substitute for professional help. Don’t hesitate to seek further assistance from a professional to work through trauma.

Shadow Work

What is shadow work? It’s working through the tough parts of us. Our shadow is the dark side, the side that we try to not show, but appears on it’s own anyway. This is the negative thoughts, and all of the ugly parts of us.

These ideas are the ones that have been repressed or pushed to the back, to try and hide them from view. But by hiding them from view, they are given more power in a dark way, rather than working through them.

By working through these dark parts of ourselves with shadow work prompts, and continually acting on them, these aspects of us are no longer in the shadow. When they are brought to light and acknowledged, their power over us is diminished. Then we can become our best selves.

It’s important to continually do shadow work, otherwise new thoughts and attitudes will appear in our shadow selves.

One important aspect about shadow work is that we are not trying to rid ourselves of our shadow, but to instead become at peace with it.

The Journal Prompts

Try to have a journal ready for this work, and optional have your tarot deck out while working through each of these! You can also have crystals out while working through these, pointed crystals are especially good for work like this, or rainbow fluorite. Some of these are really looking at your shadow, to make it’s shape known, while others are to combat it with positive thoughts and energy.

goals writing prompt to go with the fool tarot card

Deciding on and Making Goals

The fool tarot card represents new beginnings. The start of a new journey. This is the perfect card to go with creating goals, because creating goals is the starting point on a new journey.

Use this journal prompt to figure out what it is you want to accomplish, and how to get there!

affirmations with magician tarot card

Create An Affirmation

The magician tarot card represents knowledge in many aspects of life. Use the energy from the magician to manifest positive movement in your life with affirmations!

Affirmations are helpful with shadow work, as you are able to move forward from difficult periods of life. Work through and decide on an affirmation with this journal prompt!

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the empress nurture your inner child

Nurture Your Inner Child

The empress tarot card represents mother nature, and a motherly feeling. Harness this energy and tend to your inner child with it.

Without taking time to acknowledge our inner child and support them, we cannot grow. Write to your inner child!

mindfulness journal prompt with "I am enough"

Mindfulness Journal Prompt

The strength tarot card is one of finding your own inner strength and knowing when to use it and how to harness it. This card is not about forcing your ideas on others, but being able to live side by side in harmony.

Use the ideas of this tarot card in this mindfulness journal prompt, where you focus on using your inner strength to combat the negative thoughts inside. Turn them positive.

release journal prompt (to go with wheel of fortune)

Release Journal Prompt from Cycles

The wheel of fortune tarot card represents cycles. Think about whether you are being dragged with these changes of the cycles, or are you are able to stay on top of them and move with them?

Find this as a PDF on Etsy!

self development and transformation written on notebook with death tarot card

Work on Self Development and Change

The death tarot card represents a major change. With death comes rebirth as well, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Self development is a huge part of shadow work, determining a point in life where you completely changed. Figure out a time in your life that transformed you for better or worse, and how you could change again in the future.

the devil shadow work journal prompt

Create A Cage Of Shadows For The Devil

The devil tarot card represents mental health issues and feeling trapped by something internal. With this simple emotional journal prompt, create the cage you’re in, using words. What are the negative thoughts you feel about yourself?

By defining the negativities, you can work towards moving out of it.

positive journal prompt sun tarot card on journal

Positive Thinking By Remembering Happy Memories

The sun tarot card represents positivity, and celebration. Of enjoying the sunlight while it’s out and basking in it’s warmth.

This positive thinking journal prompt is representative of that warmth and happiness. With this journal prompt, write down any happy memories you can think of. Keep coming back to it when you have a chance and add more and re-read what you’ve written.

"why have your own word of inspiration?"

Find Your Word Of The Year

The world tarot card represents the ending of a cycle. It also represents the knowledge that comes with completing a journey, while preparing for the next one.

This one word inspiration journal prompt helps you figure out what you want your word to be. The word that will help you, act as a motto, or just keep you going.

More of these shadow work prompts will be coming soon! They are currently being written as a series. Looking for how to set up a journal? Here’s an easy guide!

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