Questions You Should NOT Ask Your Pendulum

The 3 questions you should never ask your pendulum - best practices

What are the best practices for using a pendulum? What can you ask? And what can’t you ask about? These are common questions for someone just beginning to learn about pendulum divination.

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I’ve already covered a lot about how you can use a pendulum, what questions to ask, and how to ask questions. If you’re curious, some of them are:

This article, I want to discuss questions you should NOT ask your pendulum. It seems important to talk about, because you could be opening up yourself to harmful energies, biased responses, and unethical practices. There are 3 primary topics to avoid asking your pendulum. This is a short list, and then following I’ll explain more about why each one is not something you should ask your pendulum, with some exceptions to the rules. You should not ask your pendulum about: other people, the future, and possible health issues.

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Best Pendulum Practices: NEVER ask your pendulum about someone without their permission! And other questions you should never ask.

Asking About Other People: Best Pendulum Practices

Asking about other people falls into the category of unethical. IF you don’t have their permission. If you have permission from the person, then it’s fine!

When it’s okay to ask about other people

An example: A few weeks ago, I wanted to buy an oracle deck. I knew if I asked my pendulum I would have a biased answer (and it would tell me yes). Because I couldn’t separate myself from my emotions on the question. So I asked a friend to ask their pendulum instead.

In this case, it’s okay for someone else to be asking their pendulum about me, because I gave permission. They had my permission to ask their pendulum about me, and they were only asking about the question I needed. This is ethical and there’s nothing sketchy about it!

You can also ask about meeting up with someone, or messaging someone. Because that’s on your end. If it’s about you, it’s okay. If it’s not about you and you don’t have permission, then don’t ask!

When it’s not okay to ask about other people

An example: “Does (person) love me?”

This is bad pendulum practice. You should NEVER ask your pendulum about someone without their permission. Whether that’s feelings, cleansing a space for them, anything. Only if they have given you permission.

If you ask something like the example above, it’s unethical. There could be spiritual ramifications. You may lose the connection with your pendulum. Your pendulum may just give you the answer you want to hear. The best option in this case: just ask the person! An alternative question you could ask your pendulum would be “in my perspective, do I think (person) loves me?” Because then you’re asking a question about yourself, rather than trying to penetrate into someone else’s subconscious.


There are so many questions you CAN ask your pendulum. But have you ever thought about the questions to never ask your pendulum?

Asking About the Future: Best Pendulum Practices

Asking about the future in specific details is not recommended. Because things are always changing!

It’s not advised to ask “will I get married in ____” or will I meet my soulmate in ____?” Because they could change. Or maybe it’s not the best for you to know that. Or It might not actually be what you wanted. The way these questions are worded have such an open-ended response too. Maybe you meet your soulmate, but it’s actually a really harmful relationship. You can read more about why this type of question isn’t a good idea in: How to Ask Your Pendulum Questions.

What you CAN ask about the future

As mentioned in Questions to Ask your Pendulum, you can definitely plan a trip with your pendulum. Or ask for specific dates. They need to be concrete ideas. Instead of “will” questions, ask “all things considered, is it optimal” for a date or something. This can work with going places or dates. You could ask “Is it optimal for me to go to Hawaii?” “Is it optimal for me to book my flight today?” “Is it optimal for me to leave on the 17th of April? The 18th of April?”

The reason these questions are best pendulum practices and the others are not, is because it’s defined. It’s a set idea, and you’re trying to pin something down, rather than asking a very vague and broad question.

Topics you SHOULD NOT ask your pendulum about. (With some exceptions to the rules)

Asking about Health Questions with a Pendulum

This is about the same level of asking google for advice. Likely, you won’t be in a state to ask unbiased questions, so you might just get the answer that you already think. In this case, it’s much better to go to a doctor and ask for tests for what’s wrong.

One exception to this would be something like food sensitivity testing. NOT allergy. These are things your body might have an adverse reaction to, but is not life threatening. These you can easily test at home by doing an elimination diet as well. If it’s something bigger, please ask your doctor.

It’s fairly simple to avoid these types of questions with a pendulum. Please try to always follow best pendulum practices! You’ll have much better luck connecting to your pendulum if you do. Let me know what you think in the comments or @moonofgemini on Instagram!