The 13 Celtic Tree Zodiacs – What’s Your Birth Tree?

celtic tree zodiac

Most people have heard of zodiac symbols, mostly the Babylonian astrology (like Taurus, Gemini…). But have you heard of the Celtic tree zodiacs? Similar to the other zodiac signs, each period of time is associated with a tree, and subsequently represent the type of people born during that time.

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These tree zodiac signs come from Celtic history, which can still be seen mostly in Ireland, and the British Isles.

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There is some confusion over the dates of these is because originally it was based off the moon cycle, and which moon of the year you were born during. Since there can sometimes be 13 moons in one year, this can affect the dates.

Currently, many Celtic pagans have chosen specific dates for each tree, to make it simpler to determine for when you were born. It’s also not necessarily started by Celts, but could have originated from Druids. There’s almost nothing written down about druids, so we won’t ever fully know.

What’s Your Birth Tree?

As said above, this will go based off of dates, rather than the moon cycle you were born in as that’s most accepted at this current time.

Interestingly, not all of these are actually trees, but other plants as well.

The Celtic tree zodiac signs include: birch, rowan, ash, alder, willow, hawthorn, oak, holly, hazel, vine, ivy, reed, and elder. Find out which one is yours!

birch trees in winter

Birch – The Achiever

24 December – 20 January

If the birch tree is your birth tree, you are known as the achiever. You are ambitious and resilient.

As a doer, you are a person who will take control of a situation if no one else is stepping up. You are a go-getter, and can have a charismatic attitude, brightening any room.

The birch tree is one of the first trees to grow after a fire, and this is how you are – able to cope in adverse environments.

Think about how this period of time covers New Years, which is when many people make goals. The people born during this season want more for themselves, like all of the people making these resolutions.

Compatible with: Willow & Vine

rowan tree

Rowan – The Thinker

21 January – 17 February

If your Celtic tree zodiac is the rowan tree, you are likely a philosophical person. You may love getting in debates with people, and are constantly learning something new. You are able to easily think quickly on your feet, making this a fun and easy past time.

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People may often come to you for advice because you have a different way of looking at life. So you may have original thoughts and ideas that they would not have thought of on their own. This is why you may be a quietly influential person, either in your circle, or in the community – because you give advice that people want to take.

You have high goals set for yourself, always aiming to improve yourself and learn something new. Although with all of these thoughts going through your head, some people may think of you as aloof; lost in your own world. And you very well may be lost among your thoughts.

Compatible with: Ivy & Hawthorn

ash tree

Ash – The Enchanter

18 February – 17 March

The people born during the Ash moon are the free thinkers. These people are called the enchanters because of how artistic they are. You are inspired by nature, and have an extremely creative imagination.

You don’t put much energy into what others think of you, and that is a freeing feeling. You are likely a person that gains energy by being alone, and are interested in so many different things.

Like the actual ash tree, you are constantly growing, and putting roots firmly down in the soil and reaching for the sky.

Compatible with: Willow & Reed

alder leaf

Alder – The Trailblazer

18 March – 14 April

If you were born during this period, your Celtic tree zodiac is the alder tree. Known as the trailblazer, people born under this moon believe in themselves with conviction, and need to always be moving.

This is a person who tends to get along with everyone, and everyone seems to get along with them. Because of this, they are often leaders of the group, with faithful followers.

If the alder is your birth tree, it’s likely you only want to know the important details, and don’t want to hear about the irrelevant side-notes. You are focused and want to stay active.

You want to keep moving forward, rather than getting bogged down by the day to day repetition.

Compatible with: Hawthorn, Oak & Birch

willow tree

Willow – The Observer

15 April – 12 May

People with the willow as their birth tree are the ones who love to watch what’s going on around them, and take it all in.

Of all of the people on this list, you are likely the one most ruled by the moon and cycles. You know that some things are dependent on time, and can patiently wait until it’s the best time to work on something.

You are highly intuitive and a very creative person, and are able to retain knowledge, making you more powerful than you let on. Because of all of this, you understand what’s going on with other people and the world in a way others may not. This makes you sympathetic to other’s causes, and are generous and patient with them.

You may be a person who holds back in life, for fear of being labeled a show-off. This is a reminder to utilize your full potential, and allow yourself to blossom. Don’t let those fears stop you from achieving great things.

Compatible with: Birch & Ivy

hawthorn tree with fruit

Hawthorn – The Illusionist

13 May – 9 June

If your birth tree is the hawthorn, you are an illusionist. Your exterior may not match up with your interior, feeling as though you have to put up a front, or don’t want everyone to see who you truly are.

As the illusionist, you are extremely creative, and have solutions to problems others may not have thought about. This is because you are able to see the bigger picture, when they may be stuck in the details. That can be why you are often sought out for advice.

You may underestimate yourself, don’t. Being able to adjust easily when there are unexpected changes is something that sets you apart from others, and is an asset.

Compatible with: Ash & Rowan

oak trees on a path

Oak – The Stabilizer

10 June – 7 July

As someone born under the oak moon, you are the stabilizer. You like everything to be neat and tidy, always trying to stay in control of your own life.

This attitude helps you fight for other people to have the same feelings, making you a strong advocate for those who don’t have a voice. You’re very protective of these people.

Along with these feelings, you also love social gatherings and family reunions; always wanting people to come together and enjoy their time. You may also love history and family ancestry, always wanting to learn more.

This could make you a good teacher, if you want to study history and teach others about it. This also allows you to help young people find their voice.

Compatible with: Ash, Reed, & Ivy

holly leaves and berries

Holly – The Ruler

8 July – 4 August

If your tree sign is holly, you are considered regal, and are often a leader of groups. Many people look up to you because despite any setbacks or stumbles, you keep going.

Often challenges are not as difficult for you as they may seem for other people, so you come into this role naturally. You are intelligent and understanding of knowledge may come easy to you, quickly comprehending what you’re being told.

This can be both a blessing and a curse, as you could choose to take the lazy route and stop trying. This could lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. On the flip side of this, if you stay active, you will become a leader of the crowd and will achieve your goals with ease.

Compatible with: Ash & Elder

hazel tree

Hazel – The Knower

5 August – 1 September

As the knower, people who’s zodiac is the hazel tree are very intelligent. Like holly, information comes easily to you. You probably don’t struggle with new ideas or information presented to you. You are able to retain this knowledge for a later date, making you envied by many.

You are generous and kind towards others.

Because of this understanding ability, you can easily see the right path in front of you. You like to stay organized and keep in control of your life.

This also means that you likely enjoy having rules set around life; although probably prefer the rules you’ve put in place and tend to ignore the ones others have set for you.

Compatible with: Hawthorn & Rowan


Vine – The Equalizer

2 September – 29 September

As a person who’s birth tree is the vine, you likely have an unpredictable nature. You may be full of contradictions and change your mind easily. This is because you are born near the autumnal equinox, so you have one foot in summer and one foot in winter.

As such, you are more likely to sympathize with everyone, because you can see and understand both sides of the story clearly. There is no right and wrong in situations, just different understandings. But this does not mean you like to be in the middle of it, you prefer to avoid conflict.

Like good wine that comes from the grapes being harvested at this time of year you like the finer things in life, always enjoying the little luxuries. And for this, people admire you; always looking up to you for your style and life choices.

Compatible with: Willow & Hazel


Ivy – The Survivor

30 September – 27 October

You may feel that life isn’t fair to you if you were born during this period of time. It may feel like you have to overcome many more odds than others. And there are always more bad things happening to you.

This is why if your sign is ivy, you are considered the survivor. You always get through what life throws you. Ivy is known for growing on rotting trees, or old dilapidated buildings. Ivy is one of the few plants that stays green and growing throughout the winter, surviving almost anything.

You, like this plant, are a survivor. You overcome the odds and keep going. This can make you a friend for life for the people around you, because you are there for them in their times of need.

You may also be a very spiritual person and have a strong faith, which could come from all of the adversity you’ve been through.

Compatible with: Oak & Ash

reeds in front of water

Reed – The Inquisitor

28 October – 23 November

People born with the reed sign are often called the inquisitor. You always want to know more, and never want to be left out of the loop. This makes you great at finding out all of the facts, as you never want to stop until you’ve heard the entire story.

Because of this, some people may think you a bit scheming, because you keep pushing until you’ve gotten the full story. But in the end, this is all harmless because of your morals, and ability to keep a secret.

This makes you a great confidant to the people in your life, and they trust you with their secrets. Because as much as you love to hear the full story, you don’t feel the need to share it.

Being so inquisitive may make you a good journalist or historian, with the ability to sniff out every last detail.

Compatible with: Reed, Ash & Oak


Elder – The Seeker

24 November – 23 December

Elder is the final Celtic tree zodiac in this list, bringing us to the winter solstice. If you were born during this time period, you are a seeker, always looking for the next adventure. You may never want to stop, and are always on the move.

Sitting around and doing nothing is not something you probably would choose for yourself. You are a bit of an enigma, being more extroverted but often withdrawn, and usually judged to be an outsider for this reason.

Besides all of that, you are compassionate, helpful, and honest to others, even if it does include some truths they may not want to hear.

Compatible with: Alder & Holly

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