Questions to Ask your Pendulum – an Introduction to Intuition

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So, you have a pendulum! And you’ve mastered the basics of pendulum use, now what questions do you ask it? If you’re reading this and have not worked with a pendulum at all before, start with this page on how to properly ask questions.

This post is all about types of questions to ask your pendulum, and getting daily insight. It will get you comfortable and connected to your pendulum!

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Pendulums are amazing for giving you quick answers, especially when it comes to yes/no. The first thing to remember is to ensure that you are asking yes/no questions for your pendulum. The questions in this guide will be more for day-to-day. If you’re looking for other topics, check out how to use a pendulum, Pendulums 101 or the Pendulum page for more types of questions or other uses for your pendulum!

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These questions are aimed at people beginning to use a pendulum, wanting to discover their intuition a bit more.

Can’t get your pendulum to move at all with any of these questions? Here’s a handy page for troubleshooting if your pendulum won’t move at all: What to do when your pendulum isn’t moving.

Pendulums can be asked just about anything! Be sure to start by only asking questions of yourself, not of other people unless you have explicit permission of that person. Also, if it’s a sensitive topic, ask your pendulum permission to ask about those questions before questioning further. Read more about questions to not ask your pendulum here.

Just starting out with a pendulum? These are some easy questions to ask your pendulum.
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Before Asking Questions

A few things to remember before we get into this:

Ensure that you are working with white light before asking questions. Try to clear your head, ensuring there are no biases present either.

If you don’t have a clear head, cleanse yourself and come to a place of being with guides. You can do this with sage, or you can use your pendulum in a cleansing ritual.

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Also, try to only use yes/no questions with one question being asked at a time! If there’s too many variables, split the question into separate questions so the pendulum can answer to the best of it’s abilities.

Phrase your questions in the form of “all things considered, is it optimal” or something similar for the least amount of bias, and so everything is taken into account.

If you want more specific answers or would rather have a set yes/no, you can always use a pendulum board/chart for assistance using a pendulum! I’ve created an article on when to use a pendulum board you can read here for more information: When to use a Pendulum Chart.

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With all of that in mind, let’s head into broad questions you can ask your pendulum about!

Day to Day Questions

Daily Things

These questions are about just your every day. What you could do for the day! Many days, I’ll take my pendulum and ask what I should work on every day and make a list of what it says is optimal. Then I have a narrowed down to-do list for the day instead of feeling overwhelmed by everything!

  • What you should eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Plans for the day – go to the movies, a walk, bike ride, tarot spread…
  • Create your schedule – what you should do first, second, third

Travel Plans

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With the idea of “travel plans” this doesn’t have to be long distances, but can even just mean how you are going to get to the shop!

  • Where to travel
  • How to travel – by car, fly, bus, train, bike, walk…
  • When to travel – specific dates
  • When to book a flight or other details of the trip (the day you intend to book them, not the day you intend to be there)
  • What day to book the flight, accommodation, or other information on (deciding what day to be there for)

Buying Items

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Pendulums are a great help when it comes to deciding to buy something. These are really easy questions to ask your pendulum, and then you gain insight on what to purchase!

  • If it’s the optimal time to buy something
  • What is the optimal item to purchase (now or in the future)
  • When you should purchase it (exact timing)
  • Where to buy from
  • Brand specific if there are multiple to choose from

Creative Projects


There are so many creative projects out there. It can be difficult to even decide what you want to make, or where to even start looking! Asking your pendulum to help you with making these decisions is a great way to connect with your pendulum and make the best choice for you.

  • Type of project to make
  • Where to look for the project
  • Colors to use
  • When to make it
  • If you’re going to give it to someone or keep for yourself

Contacting Someone

neon "hello" sign

It can be stressful getting in touch with people! Have your pendulum help you with all of the details.

  • Figuring out if it’s a good idea message your ex or not
  • Emailing a person about a potential job
  • Getting in touch with a long-lost friend
  • Determine IF you should be in contact with someone
  • The day to contact them (today, tomorrow)
  • The time to contact (call in the morning, afternoon…)
  • How you are going to connect – via email, text, DM, phone call…


a bunch of clocks

Timing can be so important with just about everything. Ask your pendulum for help with deciding on timings!

  • If it’s the right day to plant outside (or what day will be better)
  • How long to cook something for
  • When you should go on a walk, or bike ride
  • When to look for something new
  • Starting a new project – when?
  • When to get in touch with someone


This is a smaller topic, as using something like tarot cards might be better than a pendulum, but using your pendulum to help with reactions can make life a little less stressful sometimes!

  • If something happens in your life, how to react to it: talk about it, work through it on your own…
  • To big worldwide events, or donating money to big causes/which cause to donate to, how much.


cardboard box and tape

Moving can be a really stressful time in life. Help yourself out by asking your pendulum for assistance with these questions! As this is such a big topic, there’s an entire article written about how to use your pendulum for moving, which you can find here.

  • When to move
  • Where to go to
  • Buying or renting?
  • Maximum price range
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Bigger Questions To Ask Your Pendulum

These are some bigger questions you can ask, with answers other than just yes/no or day-to-day questions. Here you’ll find some of the bigger questions you may want to ask!

Other Uses For Your Pendulum

There are some other uses for your pendulum, like searching for lost objects or things underground. Find out how to do pendulum dowsing here!

Really with this list of questions to ask your pendulum, I’m trying to help you understand that almost anything can be asked about! Once you’ve mastered asking the basic questions, it’s easy to ask your pendulum for assistance with any questions you may not have an answer to.