How To Ask A Pendulum About Moving

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Moving can be really stressful! There are so many moving parts and unknowns that it can feel like you have no way of keeping control of the situation. But using your pendulum, you might be able to get answers you would not normally have. So let’s talk about how to ask a pendulum about moving, and some questions to ask when you are moving so there’s nothing left to question!

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(As I write this, I’m currently moving, so it is all extremely relevant right now!) This post will go over questions to ask about every aspect of moving, so you can have reassurance over every aspect of moving.

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Don’t forget to write all of these answers down in a notebook so you don’t have to stress about forgetting!

Feel free to skip to whichever part of the moving process you are on, as this article goes through questions from if you should move even, to unpacking!

Using Your Pendulum

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I’m assuming if you’re on this page, you already have a pendulum you’re planning on asking these questions! If you don’t, you can easily make your own (read how to here), or purchase a pendulum (I have a helpful guide on that here).

These are just question ideas to ask your pendulum. For information on how to use your pendulum, read: how to ask your pendulum questions! (This will also explain how the questions are being asked below.)

Try to always use “all things considered, is it optimal….” because then you’ll have the least amount of bias in your question!

Starter Questions

Before you even ask about where to move to, is to start with

  • All things considered, is it optimal for me to move?
  • Is it optimal for me to move this year? (or the time frame that you’re looking at)

If those answers are yes, then go on to:

  • When is it optimal for me to start looking for a new place to move?
    • You can either use just your pendulum for this, or a pendulum chart with months/just numbers
    • If using just your pendulum, start with the months (is January the optimal time? February?) And then go to days
    • If you are using a chart, ask for the pendulum to point to the month, or just the number (but if using just numbers, ask the pendulum if the month has 2 numbers in it first)
  • (Ask about rental vs own the property if that’s relevant) Is it optimal to look at places to buy? or Is it optimal to look at a place to rent?
  • (Next, have an idea of different sites or companies to look at for properties) Is _______ an optimal site/source for me to look for a place to move?

What You’re Looking For

Next in how to ask a pendulum about moving is to decide what you’re actually looking for! This section includes a lot of number questions. For numbers, you can go through in your head of “is 1 the optimal number, is 2….?” or write out the numbers on a piece of paper and ask for your pendulum to point to it. Or use a pendulum chart! (You can buy a PDF pendulum chart with numbers and letters here for $2.50 – there are different colors too!)

These are question ideas. Try to ask them in the form suggested above as “all things considered, is it optimal….” for all of these questions!

  • Looking for a house, apartment, condo, townhouse? “All things considered, is it optimal to look for a house?”
  • Where are you looking to move? Is it the same city you are currently in, a different country, a different part of the country?
  • How many bedrooms?
  • What’s the maximum price range? Is there a minimum price?

Looking at Places

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So you’ve narrowed down your list of what you’re looking for and have places to view! Now it’s time to actually see them in person and decide which places to apply to or bid on! Here’s the next section for how to ask a pendulum about moving.

  • Picking places to view – is “this” (one you’re currently looking at on your computer) an optimal place to view in person?
  • Is it optimal to email regarding a viewing? Or is it optimal to make a phone call?
  • What date/time?
  • (After you’ve viewed in person) If it’s a rental – is it optimal to submit an application for this place? If it’s for sale – is it optimal to place a bid?
  • When is it optimal to submit the application or bid? (This week, next week, today, specific time of day?)
    • If bidding, how much (use the numbers again for this one!)
  • After the application/bid has been accepted, do you take this place? When to sign the paperwork?
  • Are there any repairs that need to be done before moving? Any renovation?


You’ve now found a place to move with the help of your pendulum! So what’s next? The actual moving part! This section it’s extremely helpful to have your pendulum help with answers!

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Before you start moving, take a second to ask your pendulum if any energy clearing or cleansing is needed of the new home. It can be beneficial to start that early so that you aren’t bogged down by unwanted energies when you first arrive. (Here’s an article about cleansing a new home that starts with distance energy clearing with your pendulum, and then what to do when you move!)

The Details for Moving

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  • What day is the optimal day to move?
  • How many days to take for moving all of your belongings?
  • Do you need to buy boxes? Or get them from somewhere (a lot of retail shops will give away boxes for free if you call and ask)
    • How many boxes do you need?
    • Any other packing supplies?
  • (If needed) What company are you going to use for helping with moving?
  • Is it optimal to rent a truck? What size?
  • If it’s a long journey, where to stop for the night?
  • If you are taking multiple days to move, what gets moved first?
  • Your budget for moving costs
  • Do you need to plan food for the move?
    • If so, what food?
  • Is there a budget for moving?

Packing, Shopping, and Donating


Now is the perfect time to clear out things you don’t use, and buy new items that you may need for the place you are moving into.

  • How early do you need to start packing? How many days before moving can you start packing?
  • What to pack first?
  • What to pack last?
  • Are there items to donate or sell?
    • Is it optimal to have a garage sale?
    • What items are no longer necessary?
  • New items that need to be purchased for your new home?
    • Where to buy them from? What shop, or a marketplace?
    • Better to purchase new or secondhand?
    • What’s your budget for purchasing items?


  • What items to unpack first?
  • Where do items go in your new home? (You can ask directional, have your pendulum point to the area in a room, or decide which room)
  • How many days to unpack
  • How many boxes to unpack each day

Other Details

calculator and papers
  • Any bills or utilities – when to turn them off at one location, to start at another location
  • The companies you’ll be using – like for internet

By the end of this post, hopefully you are unpacked and in a new home! Or at least have a better idea of what your moving game plan will be, and have a lot less stress, because everything has been planned out! And I hope you have a better idea of how to ask a pendulum about moving!

I’m sure I’ve missed some questions that could be added to this list. If you come up with any, PM me on Instagram @moonofgemini!

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