7 Easy Energy Cleansing a New Home Ideas and Rituals

cleansing a new home

Moving to a new place can be really stressful. It can take a lot out of you, and something you don’t want to be worrying about any negative or weird energies that are clinging to the space. So here are 7 ideas for energy cleansing a new home!

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Some of these ideas are distance energy cleansing, for before you’ve moved in, and others once you’re physically in your new living space!

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(you also don’t have to do all of these, just whatever level of cleansing you think your new place might need)

If you want all your moving questions answered with your pendulum, read: How to ask your pendulum about moving!

Why I’m writing this now?

I’m actually about to move, and the place I’m moving to has a weird vibe. One that I don’t particularly like, and feel uncomfortable sleeping there without doing a bunch of energy movement and clearing it away. Instead filling with a new, positive energy in the space instead! I will be conducting all of these rituals in preparation and upon move in!

With that, let’s get into these new home cleansing rituals!

Distance Cleansing Rituals

As it sounds, these rituals will be done from a distance, when you haven’t moved into the new home yet. Because you don’t have to be in the area to cleanse blockages!

Crystal Grid

crystal grid for moving

A crystal grid is a great place to start for cleansing a new home, both from distance and once in the new home. First I’ll be talking about from distance. With this, you want to use freshly charged and cleansed crystals (which you can read how to cleanse crystals here!)

I chose my crystals and formation by using my pendulum (read about how to do that here!)

crystals in a crystal grid
Crystals: Back – quartz cluster, smoky quartz, agate tree; Middle – scolecite egg, strawberry quartz sphere, carnelian flame; Front – amethyst, rock from beach, rose quartz

If you don’t have a pendulum or would rather not use one, try to find crystals that have the purpose of clearing energy or creating a positive atmosphere. Smoky quartz is a great crystal for neutralizing negative energies. The quartz cluster assists in heightening all of these energies from the crystals. Amethyst and rose quartz are also great in a crystal grid for this purpose because they will send love to the area.

You can find different crystal properties here and see which ones match what you’re trying to accomplish in this crystal grid for distance cleansing a new home!

Tarot spread and Pendulum Cleansing

These 2 ideas I’ve connected, but you could easily only do one and it would be fine!

This tarot spread is the blocked energy tarot spread. You can see in the image below a simple explanation, or follow this link to the post for a full description! The example is for the house I’m moving into and uses my Triple Goddess Tarot Deck!

my rune journal

energy tarot spread - 3 cards (with description of cards also below)
example of tarot spread - with 5 of swords, the tower, and 10 of wands

The idea is once you’ve completed the tarot spread, you can then use your pendulum to focus specifically on those blocked energies in the place you are moving into. The tarot spread discovers the blocked energies, and then you can release those negativities specifically, and from a distance!

Read the cleansing ritual with a pendulum if you want a full description, or keep reading for a short explanation!

Pendulum Cleansing

Don’t have a pendulum and want to make your own? Read how to here!

Hold your pendulum above your hand and focus on the place you are moving into, and gently swing the pendulum clockwise. Allow it to move on it’s own clockwise until it comes to a standstill. Think about churning up any and all energies.

Next, gently swing the pendulum counter clockwise. This time focus on the bottom 2 cards of the tarot spread (if applicable), and removing any negative or unhelpful energies in the place you are moving to. Allow it to swing of it’s own accord (it may stop quickly, or go wild for a few minutes), until it comes to a stop.

Finally, gently swing the pendulum clockwise again, this time focusing on the top tarot card (again, only if using), and focus on bringing that energy into the space. (I have a video of this -sped up on Instagram if you want to watch!)

In Person Cleansing Rituals

This next section is about what to do once you’re able to move in, and be physically present in your new home!

Sage Cleansing

a bundle of sage burning

Sage cleansing is a great way to clear out energies. You can perform this before or after the furniture and your belongings have been moved in. (This might be better after everything has been moved in if you have new items so everything can be cleansed at once).

Slowly work your way through each room, with the sage burning (have something underneath to catch ashes!), and then work your way outside if you feel comfortable with it. You can either do this silently, with some music playing (usually I do chanting music), or a your own chants – Here’s an article about some, or come up with what you’d like to say!

Usually I just say “bad energy bad energy go away, good energy, good energy here to stay” (which is originally from a Grey’s Anatomy episode, but seems to work for me)

Air Purifying Plants

spider plant, an air purifying plant

Cleansing a new home with plants is a great idea! There are so many beautiful house plants out there. Some of them are specific for purifying the air (although they don’t produce enough as one plant, still are helpful for cleansing of the old atmosphere).

These are some easy, low maintenance air purifying plants you can keep in any room to help create more oxygen, remove toxins, and might also help clear negative energies!

One of the first things going into my new space will be my spider plant, which is an air purifying plant, and will be as centrally located as possible in the house.

Another Crystal Grid

crystal grid for moving

Depending on how you’re feeling (or if you’re using a pendulum, what the pendulum suggests), is to either create a new crystal grid for this new location, or setup the one that was used in the distance cleansing ritual.

Try to keep this crystal grid up for at least 2 weeks, if not longer to get the full effects.

I chose my crystals and formation by using my pendulum (read about how to do that here!) If you don’t have a pendulum or would rather not use one, try to find crystals that have the purpose of clearing energy or creating a positive atmosphere. Smoky quartz is a great crystal for neutralizing negative energies. Others that might be good to have in this crystal grid are rose quartz, natural citrine, and snowflake obsidian!

You can find different crystal properties here and see which ones might be the best for this crystal grid, or just go with your gut!

In Person Pendulum Cleansing

This pendulum cleansing will be a bit more straightforward than the one for distance, because you’ll be physically present in the space. This new home cleansing ritual follows the pendulum cleansing ritual! Read there for the full description, or below for a brief description.

(I suggest having a window open nearby for allowing the energy to easily release from the space) Find a place to sit comfortably in your new home. Hold your pendulum in your dominant hand, over the palm of your opposite hand. Focus on all of the energies present in this area.

Gently swing the pendulum clockwise, thinking about stirring up the energies. All of them. Just get these energies moving. Allow the pendulum to continue swinging until it naturally comes to a stop.

Next, swing the pendulum counterclockwise, focusing only on those negative energies being released. Try to picture those energies exiting the building through the open window. Allow it to continue swinging until it stops naturally. This may take a few seconds or a few minutes.

Finally, swing the pendulum clockwise, focusing on filling this new place with a bright, white light. Have that fill the space. Once the pendulum has come to a rest, this ritual is complete!

These are the 7 ideas for cleansing a new home! I hope you’ve found them helpful, and your new home is filled with love and light. Remember, you can create a crystal grid, do a sage cleansing, or pendulum cleansing at any time. It does not and should not be just the one time for move in!

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Moving to a new home is stressful! Take out some of that stress by doing these distance or in person cleansing rituals!
Cleansing rituals for moving to a new home, include sage, pendulum cleansing, plants, and tarot!