Cleansing Ritual with a Pendulum

Pendulums are amazing, with what all you can use them for! Today, I’m going to talk about how to do a cleansing ritual with a pendulum. And when I say cleansing, I’m not meaning physically cleaning dirt from animate objects. I mean cleansing the aura or energy, and clearing blockages.

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There are a lot of different methods to clear a space, object, or yourself; cleansing with a pendulum is very effective if you have one. This same method can be applied to grounding yourself, as you are essentially cleansing yourself!

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Just a very brief description of how to perform this ritual: focus on the place/object/yourself to cleanse, gently swing the pendulum clockwise, then counterclockwise, and finally clockwise again. Read further for full details of how to perform this cleanse:

Cleansing ritual with a pendulum. How to use a pendulum to clear blocked energies.
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What this ritual can be used for:

  • A place
    • I cleanse a space if I’m going to be staying there for a while, or if I’ve felt blockages/negative energies in the space.
    • This can also be done from afar; you do not have to be in the said place to cleanse it, so long as you focus on the area while performing the ritual.
  • An object
    • If an object is newly found or I have been using the object a lot in my practices, I will cleanse it.
  • Yourself
    • I always ask my pendulum before beginning a session “am I with a guide from the white light?” If I ever receive the answer “no,” I will perform this ritual
    • Also, if you feel extremely negative, this is optimal to use to remove the dark energies.


For this cleansing ritual with a pendulum: decide if you require the window to be open (for the negative energies to be released through, completely optional). Create the space to work this ritual. Usually, I sit cross-legged on the floor. Get your pendulum, and settle your mind. Feel free to play soft music or light a candle, incense, or sage.

If you are working on a place that you can physically be in, settle in there. Otherwise, focus on the place in your mind. Working with an object, place that object in front of you.

I am now going to separate this ritual into two sections, depending on whether you are cleansing an object/place, or working on yourself. The motions are the same, but the attitude and intentions are slightly different.

Cleansing an Object/Place

Start by holding the pendulum with your dominant hand, either over your hand, or directly over the object. Gently swing it clockwise. Focus your mind on stirring up all energies present. Allow the pendulum to naturally swing clockwise, bringing up all of the energies, until the pendulum naturally stills above your hand/the object.

Once it has finished swinging clockwise, allow the pendulum to swing counterclockwise. This time, focus on removing the negative energies. Depending on how tightly they are set, or how much darkness is present, this could last from a few seconds, to lasting for minutes, with your pendulum swinging violently. Focus on those energies dissipating, or going out through the window. Allow it to come to a still on it’s own accord.

Finally, allow the pendulum to swing clockwise again. Set the intention to filling the entire space or object optimal energies. These don’t necessarily need to be all positive energies; we are looking for the most beneficial energies for the object/place. Allow it come to a complete standstill.

Thank the pendulum for it’s work and note the differences you feel.

If you’re doing this with a crystal, you can always charge it with an intention at the end!

Removing blockages and negative energies with 3 simple steps in this cleansing ritual using a pendulum. Works for places, objects, or yourself.
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Clearing your own Blockages with a Pendulum

Working on yourself using this cleansing ritual with a pendulum ritual, hold the pendulum with your dominant hand above the other. Gently allow the pendulum to swing clockwise. Focus on stirring up all energies within yourself, positive, negative, all of them. Allow the pendulum to swing clockwise stirring up energies, until it comes to a stop.

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Then, gently swing your pendulum counterclockwise. Set the intention to remove any negative energies. Pick a spot on your body for the negative energies to be released from (like your abdominal region). Allow the release of the negative energies; feel the darkness being released from your body. This may take no time, this may take minutes. Allow it to continue swinging until the pendulum gently comes to a stop on its own.

Once back at standstill, gently circle the pendulum clockwise, and allow it to continue on its own. Focus on white light entering your body, filling all of the spots the negativity was removed from. While the pendulum is circling, mentally hug your inner child, inner teenager, and any others that might need a hug and some attention. Feel the warmth of those hugs and the white light.

Allow the pendulum to bring itself to a standstill. Thank your pendulum. Note how much lighter you now feel and the change in attitude.

If you were doing this because you were not with a guide from the white light, ask your pendulum again now.

Cleansing ritual with a pendulum. How to use a pendulum to clear blocked energies.


I hope cleansing with your pendulum has helped with the energies surrounding you today. You can read about pendulums here, if you’re just beginning or want more information. Tag me @moonofgemini or #moonofgemini on Instagram with your success story of energy clearing with a pendulum!