How To Set Intentions For Crystals With A Pendulum

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I’ve always just thought about having crystals with me to help me in a general sense, but I’ve recently discovered the idea of setting intentions for crystals. You can charge crystals with intentions and then have that help amplify manifestations or anything you need.

I really like this idea, to charge a crystal with a dream or goal to help me fulfill it quicker. And I find that using my pendulum is one of the best ways for me to do divination work, so I thought I would write out how to set intentions for crystals with a pendulum!

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*This post is meant to act as a guide, not as the only tool you can use. It is not a substitute for professional help. Don’t hesitate to seek further assistance from a professional to work through trauma.

This is coming right off the heels of me finishing off writing about the best crystals for manifestation, and one way for crystals to help with your manifesting is to charge your crystals with intentions! So this is an easy way to charge, especially if you’ve got a strong connection with your pendulum.

Prepare For Charging Your Crystals

There are a few things you need to do before setting intentions for crystals! Make sure you have a clear and concise idea in mind (if you don’t try this writing affirmations prompt). Choose your crystal, and get out your pendulum!

Next is making sure your crystal has been cleansed before setting it with new intentions. Try leaving it out under the full moon, cleansing it with your pendulum, or try one of these other cleansing methods.

Once you have your crystal, pendulum, and idea, it’s time to charge your crystal with your intention!

crystal, pendulum, and intention

New to using a pendulum? Be sure to read Pendulums 101 and how to ask your pendulum questions!

Examples of Intentions For Crystals

If you’re feeling stuck on what type of intentions to set, these are just a few examples of intentions for crystals:

  • Money and prosperity
  • Health and resting
  • Safety and protection
  • Joy and happiness
  • Focus and attention
  • Relaxed and calm

Once you’ve decided which idea you want to use, create a sort of affirmation around it. Make it an “I” statement. I am…I have…I bring…

And then decide “to what?” if it’s relevant. I release what does not serve me.

If you’re really struggling, just pick a topic from the list above and google affirmations for it!

Set Your Intentions For Crystals

holding pendulum over crystal

Holding the crystal in your non-pendulum hand, hold your pendulum above the crystal, leaving a few inches of space between.

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Focus on your intention you want to set and purposefully swing your pendulum clockwise over the crystal. Sit like that, focusing on your intention, until your pendulum comes to a stop naturally.

Ex: Working with amazonite, I want to charge it with “I attract prosperity into my life.” I have the amazonite in my right palm, and I hold my pendulum with my left hand above it. Then I swing the pendulum gently clockwise, focusing on that intention. And wait until the pendulum has come to a stop naturally.

And now you have a crystal charged with intentions!

What To Do With This Crystal

Now, what do you do with this crystal? This in part depends on what shape the crystal is, the type of intention set, and how you want to use it. If your crystal was in a bracelet or necklace, wear it!

If it’s a smaller crystal and you charged it with things like safety or safe travels, put it in a bag you carry, in your car, or carry it in a pocket.

If it’s a larger crystal or you just don’t want to carry it around, place this crystal in a spot that makes sense to you. One that you’ll see often, and kind of relates to what the intention is you set for the crystal. If you set it with ideas of rest and health, maybe let it live next to your bed.

If it’s manifesting wealth or prosperity, you could put it next to a doorway or on your desk where you work. Or put this crystal in a grid to enhance it’s energy!

If you’re really not sure where to put this crystal, just use your pendulum and ask! Ask if specific spots are a good place for your crystal, and see where your pendulum tells you to put it.

When You’re Finished

Don’t want that crystal to be set with that intention anymore? Or are you not sure when to be done having this crystal charged with the intention?

Once you’re done using the crystal to be charged with the intention, cleanse it! Set it out under the full moon light, or cleanse it with a different method, and your crystal is all set to be used again in whatever form you need.

If you’re not sure when to stop using this crystal, then either ask your pendulum or go with your instincts! You could also decide if this crystal has a set end date while charging it with the intention. This crystal can be used for days, weeks, months, or years, with this intention. So it’s really up to you what you think is most important for this crystal.

And you won’t need to recharge the crystal either, which is great!

And now you know how to set intentions for crystals with your pendulum! It’s not difficult to do, and will likely help you out along the way towards reaching your goals.

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