Instructions for Creating a Crystal Grid with your Pendulum

crystal grid for work/money

Crystals are amazing tools to utilize, because they each contain their own unique energies. But how do you create a grid? This post is going to discuss how to create a crystal grid with your pendulum. A pendulum is an ideal tool to work with, because, it can intuitively tell you which crystals are optimal for the need. It also can be used as a tool to energize the grid once it’s complete.

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Many crystal grids are symmetric, and utilize a lot of similar crystals. That is one way to do it. But what if you don’t have 10 amethyst crystals? Or a bunch of small quartz crystals? That’s when I find using a pendulum to be really helpful in creating a crystal grid. Because it’s not distinguishing based on what the specific crystal is, but the properties of the crystal and how it will be used in conjunction with all of the others.

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If you’re brand new to using a pendulum, I suggest reading these articles before continuing with creating a crystal grid: Asking your pendulum questions and Pendulums 101.

*Please also think about how the crystals you are using were obtained from the source. Try to purchase ethically sourced crystals. You can read more about how to choose crystals here if you’re looking to buy new ones!

Creating and charging a crystal grid using your pendulum. Start by setting your intentions.
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Crystal Grid

First off, what is a crystal grid? A crystal grid is a set of crystals and objects, typically set out in a pattern. It has a specific intention connected to the grid. An example – the crystal grid at the top of this page I set with the intention of finding a job that pays. So it makes sense to have a lot of citrine, orange, and green crystals in the grid, because those are typically related to wealth and money (you can read more about those on energy muse).

Crystal grids can stand on their own, or they can be created on a crystal grid cloth or board. Often times, I use my sacred geometry cloth (which I used in this winter solstice tarot spread). But there are a lot of options, even a selenite charging plate. Or use something you already have. The main photo in this page, I’ve used a wooden puzzle.

crystal grid for winter solstice

Set the Intention

So we’ve discussed what a crystal grid is. The next step is to set the intention for your crystal grid. It can be for almost anything. The 2 discussed above have been for finding work and to celebrate the solstice. Crystal grids can be for health, for safety, nightmare-free nights, or for larger matters, like aiding in energy for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

It can also be just a grid to help you out through days. It is an option to have the intention be simply the optimal energy for you over the coming days/weeks. If you’re uncertain on what the intention should be, ask your pendulum. Ask for optimal wording, so you have a set intention. Write it down somewhere if you’d like.

Some posts will inform you that you have to have a crystal grid up for at least a month for it to be effective. I suggest instead ask your pendulum the optimal time for the crystal grid to be up for. Sometimes I wake up with the notion that my crystal grid is ready to be taken down. I will then ask my pendulum if it’s optimal to leave the grid up or take it down.

Often, my changing of crystal grids coincides with the full moon. I typically recharge my crystals with moonlight, so they might get moved. Just ask your pendulum! One crystal grid I had was for a trip, and it was constantly being rebuilt at each new destination.

Choosing Crystals for your Crystal Grid

small crystal grid chosen with a pendulum

There are 2 different ways to allow your pendulum to pick crystals for your crystal grid. Both require the crystals to be spread out on a surface. Keep in mind your intention while choosing the crystals. It doesn’t necessarily have to be crystals, it can be any form of object as well.

A pebble you found on the beach, a seashell, or a feather. Whatever calls to you can be used in a grid. In the grid above, you’ll see that I’m using an old key that I picked up at a thrift shop in the grid.

*If you have a large crystal collection, try and separate the crystals into different categories and then ask “All things considered, is it optimal for me to pick crystals from _____?” (I separate my crystals into the categories of large, chakra, regular, and small). If the answer is no to any section, then you don’t have to worry about finding crystals from there.

my rune journal

The first option for choosing crystals is to go over each crystal individually, while thinking “Is this crystal optimal for the crystal grid.” Whichever the pendulum swings yes over, set to the side. The rest you can put away.

The second option is to hold your pendulum in the center of your crystals, and ask your pendulum to point to the crystals that are optimal for the crystal grid. If you’re uncertain as to which crystal your pendulum is pointing to, ask your pendulum “is this the optimal crystal for the grid?” Using this method, you will have to ask periodically if more crystals are optimal for the grid. Or at the beginning, set the intention that your pendulum will not swing at all if there are no more crystals optimal for the grid.

Setting the Crystal Grid with Your Pendulum

So now you’ve gotten all of the crystals/objects for your crystal grid. Next comes setting up the grid. Choose a place to set up the grid. You can ask your pendulum for guidance with that, and if you’ve decided to use an altar cloth or not.

Ask the pendulum to point to the object to base the crystal grid around. This way you have a starting point for the grid. Then go to where you’re setting the grid up and ask your pendulum to point to the optimal place to set that object. It might be in the center, the back, off to a corner, just let your pendulum guide you.

Once that item is placed, pick up another crystal and ask, where to place it, in reference to the first object. You might ask for further clarification as to where it goes. If the pendulum is swinging strongly, it might be difficult to discern where it’s pointing. In this case, hold your pendulum over one of the spots. Ask “all things considered, is this the optimal spot for this crystal?” until you have it set.

The grid above, I started by asking if the carnelian flame was the center point. The answer was no, but it was optimal to have at the back. Then I discovered the strawberry quartz sphere was the central crystal. From there, I held up each crystal and asked where, relating to the strawberry quartz, it was meant to be at.

Some crystals may be important to have facing one way or another. Like a citrine point, it might be optimal to ask if it’s facing the best direction for the energy.

Continue until all of the crystals have been set.

Watch a stop-motion of this being built! Everything was placed by my pendulum.

Charging the Crystal Grid

It’s important to charge a crystal grid after it’s creation. To have the energy combine and flow. It’s really simple to charge your crystal grid with a pendulum, and there are 2 options for how to do this. One is to allow the pendulum to move on its own, or to intentionally swing the pendulum.

If you’re allowing the pendulum to swing on it’s own, hold it over the center. Focus on charging the grid. Your pendulum may swing in a circle, it might move back and forth. Feel the energy. Allow it to continue until the pendulum has come to a stop on its own accord.

The other option is to intentionally swing the pendulum. With this, you’ll be connecting each crystal to one another. If there’s a central crystal, hold the pendulum initially over it, and draw a line with your pendulum to all of the crystals, joining their energies.

Read more on how to charge crystals with intentions using your pendulum!

using a pendulum to create a crystal grid and charge it
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Allowing the Crystal Grid to Work

Now you’ve completed your crystal grid! It’s time to allow the crystals to set just be and allow them to work. While the crystal grid is a helpful tool, remember you can also continue to work on yourself while the grid is up. If the grid is putting in 100% energy, and you’re not putting any in, only 50% of the possible energy is being utilized.

Tag me in your crystal grids on Instagram @moonofgemini or #moonofgemini! I hope you’ve created wonderful crystal grids with your pendulum.