Spiritual Protest for Black Lives Matter

2020 has been a wild ride. It has been unexpected. It’s teaching us to change the way we live. Starting with the Australian wildfires, then Coronavirus, and now the protests for Black Lives Matter.

Sometimes it seems hard to keep up with everything and know how to help. If you have money to spare, donations are needed and welcome for helping with the Black Lives Matter protests (some links for donation sites are on the side of this page). But what if you can’t spare any money? Or attend the protests?

A spiritual protest is another great alternative. And that’s exactly what I participated in. On Instagram, we were seeing #june5thspiritualprotest. During the Supermoon on June 5th, people decided to use that high energy to come together and protest. It’s great that everyone came together. But this spiritual protest for Black Lives Matter shouldn’t be limited to one day. It should continue throughout the protests until change has happened.

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What I Did for the Global Protest

Tarot Spread

Prior to hearing about the June 5th Global Spiritual Protest, I did a tarot spread, using my Healing Light Tarot Deck. I set my intentions for this spread to be about myself, but I was distracted thinking about the USA and the protests. Upon looking at the Celtic Cross I created, I quickly realized it was about much more than me alone. This, I believe, is a short term future spread for the USA.

  1. The Present (the Heart of the Matter): The World. This is when I realized this spread is not about me. It was about everything in the world, and what is happening. It’s about the big picture.
  2. The Challenge (what must be overcome): King of Swords. The king of swords is the pillar of strength. He represents justice and strength. These are aspects of the world that are currently in question. Because justice is not being served fairly. It is this disability of equal rights to life that are causing this current challenge.
  3. Unconscious (how we really feel): The Magician. The magician is pure willpower, creating transformation. Utilizing every possible means to work through the challenge. This is a very powerful card, being an empty conduit for the energy around us.
  4. Conscious (how we are viewing the situation): 5 of Swords. This card is about self preservation. About either winning at all costs or walking away, without weapons, to hopefully a better future. The current situation in the world is armed officers against a group of people who have done nothing wrong. What is the best way to fight?
  5. Recent Past: The Sun. The sun is typically a very positive card. Of releasing, or positive times. It can also be one of liberation. My reading of this card is knowledge. Of finally deciding to be done with the injustice. The decision to stand up. It’s releasing the energy of repressed anger and frustration.
  6. Immediate future: 5 of Wands. Wands relate to creating change. There’s a battle of wills going on right now. It might not be easy or fun, but we have to go through this for change to emerge.
  7. My influence (the world’s influence): Strength. The God Atlas was charged to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. This card is about not having to carry that burden alone. It’s about sharing that weight. The more people who carry it, the lighter the load becomes for everyone involved. If we can each take on a bit of the weight, we can rise above and carry out these goals.
  8. External influences (the environment): Page of Wands. There’s a lack of inhibition associated with the page of wands. He is ready to set fire, spontaneous and ready to go on a journey. This is the time to be protesting. There is no better time than right now.
  9. Hopes and Fears: Justice. Justice is carrying a balance. The justice system is part of the problem. But justice is also what is being asked for. Justice can fall either direction, which is why it can be both the hopes and fears of everyone at this moment.
  10. Long term outcome: The Fool. The fool is new, the beginning of a journey. There is a lot of potential. At the end of all of this, nothing will be the same. The journey will be forever different. We can only work together to ensure that the new journey is one full of hope, and positive changes. This is what’s being fought for. And why we can’t stop the fight now.

Overall Message

This is an extremely strong message being described in this tarot spread. It’s one about justice. Justice needing to change, justice needing to be served. There will be change at the end of this. And we must work together to ensure the new journey is a brighter future.

Crystal Grid for the Spiritual Protest

When I heard about a Spiritual Protest for Black Lives Matter, I knew immediately I would be creating a crystal grid. Rather than utilizing it for only one day, I am leaving it out for at least 10 days. Because the center of my crystal grid is the tarot cards from the spread. I knew I couldn’t put the cards away immediately, so I am going through having one displayed each day.

As for creating the crystal grid, I allowed one of my pendulums to choose the objects on the board. My pendulum also guided me as to where they all went, relating to the tarot cards. I will mention a few key pieces on the board.

crystal grid for spiritual protest for black lives matter

From how I look at this, the left and the right have key differences. The crystals on the right primarily are for grounding and for balancing. The crystals on the left are high energy. The small metal ball on the far left is a representation of the world. Next to it are my 2 primary pendulums. The rose quartz pendulum is so powerful to me, that usually it is away in a velvet bag if I’m not using it. But that energy is required right now. We need all of that energy going to the protest for black lives matter. This isn’t a small protest that will go away quickly. This will take time to make the adjustments. And it needs to happen now. We need energy for the cause.


Black Lives Matter.

Help in every way you can. This change needs to happen. It needs to happen yesterday. Do what you can, to aid. Let me know in the comments below how you’re contributing to the fight. Read more about what I’m doing in my section In the News.